Correct Concealer Application

  1. Hi!

    I have been experimenting with new concealers/correctors lately hoping to find my HG combination. I always read that you need to set your concealer with powder and I always do, problem is, as soon as I apply my powder I feel that I loose half of the coverage and that the concealer looked much better before applying the powder. Today I applied my concealer and had to answer a phone call before I applied the powder and when I did I noticed a MAJOR difference!!! Is that true? Did I just accidentally discovered the greatest concealer tip??? Which is that you have to allow the concealer to set for a couple of minute before applying the powder?

    Please share your feedback/experiences! Looking forward to hear what you ladies have to say!

  2. If you don't wait until your concealer/foundation dries/sets before applying powder, then it can crease. I usually wait a few minutes for my foundation/concealer to set before applying powder. If I'm in a hurry, I'll use a thin piece of tissue and PAT my face to absorb the excess moisture/oil before applying powder. (DON'T rub or else it'll move your makeup!)
  3. I always dab a bit of powder on with my brush rather than brushing it on which will wipe it off.
  4. I've never really noticed that... I do concealer -> foundation -> powder. It works fine and still covers.
  5. Well if that's what worked for you keep it going

    I just use a concealer with no powder & that works for me

    & it lasts the day with no problems
  6. I usually put foundation first then pat corrector/concealer with my finger tip on my undereye circle then powder. But I kind of found out my concealer doesnt last long ><

    I dont wait for my concealer to set before I put powder on tho. Is that why the concealer doesnt stay on me?
  7. I personally am not a huge fan of putting powder on my concealers, it highlights little bumps in my under eye area. I will have to try letting it dry longer before powdering to see if that helps with spots.

    I know this is slightly different but I found my new favorite way to not get creases in your under eye concealer, even with really bad concealers.

    Dot the concealer under your eye in a V shape from inner corner to top of cheek to outer corner, so that you don't put any concealer on the center of your under eye area. Then use a big fluffy blending brush (I use the setting brush from Real Techniques) and blend in a U shape.