Corpus Christi Day - Fête Dieu - Fronleichnam

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  1. Corpus Christi Day - Fête Dieu - Fronleichnam :smile:

    Does that ring a bell with anybody?

    It is a feast celebrated by Catholics - mostly in Europe, I think.

    This feast is always on a Thursday.

    But in countries where this day is not a public holiday, it is celebrated on the Sunday following that Thursday.

    In other words: Today! :smile:

    So now I am just curious whether you know this feast in the US also - or wherever you live.
  2. There is a city in the US called "Corpus Christi" - so people living there may perhaps know something about it - or even celebrate that feast.

  3. Nope.

    Corpus Christi is in Texas, along Gulf of Mexico coast.
    Also, nope.

    US has separation of church & state.
    Plus less dominant Roman Catholicism, many areas.
    So many European-celebrated Saint/etc. holidays are not observed same way.
    Or @ all.
  4. It's a public holiday in Brasil, as many Catholic holidays still are.

  5. That's right.

    And Corpus Christi Bay was named after Corpus Christi Day - because it was discovered on exactly that day in the year 1519 by Alonso Álvarez de Pineda.

  6. Fine! :smile:

    Today I have found a list of those countries, where this day is a public holiday.

    Here it is now:
  7. This Thursday Corpus Christi Day - Fête Dieu - Fronleichnam - will come again.
    And I plan to take part in a procession at Birnau on the shore of the Lake of Constance.

  8. Here you can see a procession in Tyrol.
  9. I know.
    Lots of countries have this separation.
    And Corpus Christi or Fronleichnam at the same time.
  10. Today is the day.
    But I 'll be away.

    We are going to Spain.
    Out of the rain.
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