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  1. Just an opinion needed...twice a year I make gift baskets for our customers that travel overseas for the buying season. It is really hard to keep them fresh, and come up with new ideas:confused1: . Usually, I put all sorts of US snacks, Powerbars, sometimes wine...and always a gift of some sort. In the past it has been Shanghai Tang pajamas, Chanel makeup, that type of thing....I was thinking this year to give the IPOD nano engraved with our company logo, and gift cards so the buyers could download songs while here in HK, and have good music to listen too. Usually there is a lot of time spent in cars, planes, etc...when they are travelling in the Far East. Does this sound like a good idea???? Alternate ideas could be helpful too.....:smile:
  2. I dont know if you have heard about color photo throws by they make personalized throws and blankets where absolutely any picture color or black/white message can be woven or knitted right into the blanket. they come in various sizes and types. I chose a logo throw when i was working on marketting the comany i work with. You can check out the products this company at Personalized Photo Throw Creations - I recommend them. very professional. They also do personalized handbags where picture is knitted right into the tapestry of the bag both sides. the pictures are never to fade as they are knitted and not printed.that is the reason i went for them! very unique gift indeed

  3. That is awesome! (I want your job!) The nano's very "in" right now, and the gift card is a genius touch. Everything they need for a comfortable ride!

    Are they American? To add to your stocking stuffers, you could tuck in a bar of solid shampoo for them to travel with now that liquids and gels are banned on flights. LUSH carries a good selection of them.
  4. Sounds like a great idea!!! If you get it engraved, they will not be able to forget what and who they got it for and they can use that alllll the time!
  5. The iPod idea sounds great! How sweet of you!
  6. As long as it's in the budget of the company, I say go for it!
  7. ipods sound great...i also like the business gifts from Tiffany. they have some nice pens among other things.
  8. I love the solid shampoo idea...that is brilliant!!!

    Thank you all for your suggestions......:smile:
  9. i think the ipod idea is great
    as it's very current and will last so much longer than food will
  10. Coach has corporate gifts :graucho: ...........

    Coach - Services & Info

    Go under the heading "Online Services" and click on the last one.
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  12. I think that is a great gift idea. I got the ipod video from my BF as one of my graduatuion gifts. He engraved my initials, my school logo and the graduation semester and year, and I absolutely love it! I think your clients will really like that.
  13. Wow, what a great idea Ipod's are the in thing and to have it engraved that will be nice.
  14. Just one thing: you have to make sure that the people receiving the ipod nano are allowed to do so considering that most companies have a "Gift and Entertainment Policy" and usually it is determined that gifts can be given / accepted up to a certain amount (usually, it's USD 50, sometimes a bit more, but not much more than that)...

    Other than this point, I think it's a great idea!!!! :supacool:

    PS: yeah, I'm a lawyer and in charge of drafting such policies for my company :upsidedown: (I'd love to get such a gift but I'm not allowed... :cursing: )