Corporate Customer Service...Fiasco!

  1. You should all know what I went through today when I tried to accomplish something so very simple; and let me tell, you I am not shocked by anything anymore.

    I have tried for over a week to contact my SA. It has been bad timing trying to reach her by phone (never can catch her when she is there), messages don't seem to make it to her, and she is not receiving voice recorded messages. I wasn't that mad...just annoyed. So, I decided to write her a note. I figured everything is better in writing. I wanted to double check the mailing I called the boutique and asked the SA that answered the phone. Of course, she did not know. (I asked if she could ask someone, but they were all busy) Believe that she didn't know? I do. She was very nice though. I asked if my SA was there and she wasn't...she offered another message for her and I declined.

    Then, I decided to call corporate to verify the address because the store moved locations. I looked at the address on the website and that is what I had, but I wanted to verify. When I called corporate...get this...she wasn't sure of the address. She did not know if that was the correct one. I asked who would know...blah, blah, blah....and she said I should call the boutique and ask. I laughed to myself because that is what I did initially. I told her I had called there right before calling her and she did not know how to respond.

    What kills me the most is Ms. Corporate didn't even try to assist me. Customer service should have been a piece of cake. She should have placed me on hold and called the boutique at her expense and immediately picked my call back up and given me the information. She should have never told me to call the boutique like some low budget store would have done. Maybe it is me, but if I had millions of dollars and I shopped at Hermes that is not the kind of treatment I would have wanted. (It shouldn't matter if I had millions or is an upscale boutique)

    Part of me feels it paints a much clearer picture of the type of people we deal with at these boutiques. I am beginning to think that they are not even trained. My recent experiences have been horrible. The products may be lovely, but much else lacks.

    So, when we talk about calling corporate to complain...I am really wondering who they have sitting there handling problems.

    Just another one of my lame Hermes experiences. Is this God telling me to give up on the birkin or what?
  2. Oh no, no, no....don't give up on your Birkin, Kellybag! I must admit though that I'm beginning to think that H doesn't really have the proper "training" for their SA's. While mine is a doll, there have been times that I felt I knew the stock better than HE did!!!! :shocked: In fact we joked on my last visit that I probably should have a JOB there! :blink: (God forbid.....I'd be living in a Box somewhere:shocked: )

    Anyway, I believe that in order to be a great salesperson you need not only the tools to work with but also have that certain something in you that enjoys working with people. Without that, all the training in the world will do no good.:shame:
  3. No KB, it will find you -- I can 'feel' it!!! I'm sorry you're dealing with this -- I swear sometimes...e-bay works!!! Just a does amaze me consistently that something so expensive and exclusive has such pain behind it!!
  4. Just the whole scope of it all becomes more and more bizarre to me.
  5. Unbelievable ..... how could they not know the address?!?! I guess the saying isn't true ... you get what you pay for ..... the service at H should be impecable! I'm so sorry you had to endure this insanity. Don't give up on your Birkin though, Kellybag. The craftsmen are still worth the $$$.
  6. Couldn't agree with you more, KB...

    At my store, it seems all you need to work there is to be able to speak Japanese and look down your nose at costomers who look like they don't fit the bill.:hrmm:
  7. Kellybag, wow that is just unbelievable!!! How frustrating that must be for you ... I would be pretty annoyed if it were me too. I agree that while the product at Hermes are awesome, some of the SAs do need some additional training. It seems like they're giving you the runaround. Something similar happened to me when I was trying to locate a Bolide. As for giving up on Birkins, i know I'm seriously starting to feel that way ...

    Shopmom, this is so funny about your working at Hermes. My SA actually said the same thing to me the other day. She said I should get a part-time job at the boutique (if I don't mind the pay that is).
  8. KB, I really feel for you. It's awful that assistance at corporate is unsure about the address of their locations, and that their website isn't updated as regularly as it should be (I know for a fact that that is true.)

    Your Birkin is still worth waiting for. The craftsmen are still well trained. But the lack of training of salespersons is disheartening. It makes one wonder how long they can be competitive.

    And I second shoes319, sometimes eBay and the trusted secondary market works.
  9. Well said Coconut!!! I could not agree more!:flowers:
  10. Wow, that's pretty bad.
  11. Listen Kellybag.....You know, Shoes has a point. Most of my purchases have been done on the secondary market and I've been very, very happy with each outcome. Now granted I didn't have a specific color or leather or style I had to have and if that were the case I don't really know what I would have done but my Lilac agenda I purchased through Flossy and I LOVE it. This is after looking and searching the stores and not finding what i wanted. She HAD it!!!! AND I saved a little dinero too! My two Kelly's and a few H scarves I bought happily through Luxury Zurich (and I just KNOW Mario will find my elusive Ostrich fact I'm so sure that I'm not even looking for it myself) to my great satisfaction and I just purchased a little something through BlueManxAntiques (what a lovely woman and we've had wonderful email exchanges!) I have been thoroughly happy with each and every purchase AND I've even had a great time meeting people while I was at it! Perhaps I've been lucky....perhaps just careful. Granted I've had to wait a bit to get everything and the items weren't brand spanking new but it hasn't mattered to me ....when those boxes arrived it was like Christmas!

    Of course there's that certain something about buying directly from the store and I DID have a blast when I found Caramel Coromandel but I haven't been waitlisted or placed orders for anything simply because for me, a big ticket item purchase has to be something that strikes me directly with an arrow to the heart. It's like serendipity or something that's meant to be. I've always been like that....but that's just me. I see it, I LOVE it, and if I can afford it I buy it.

    I LOVE Hermes products more than any other brand....I DON'T love their sales methods and I think they need some serious sales training all across the board!

    But I wouldn't give up on your hearts way! But maybe , just maybe it's waiting for you somewhere else?????
  12. Kellybag: ugh!! That's terrible! I can't believe you had to experience bad service from local H store to Customer what service!!!! That's what I call leaving a bad taste in mouth! :sad:
    But don't give up on your birkin!! I's going to find you! (and wow you have been so patient about it!)
    I wish you the best birkin luck!! And don't waste your time thinking about about their poor service. Don't let that pollute your mind! :love:
  13. That's really bad. Your SA can't even return your calls, AND you get the runaround from customer service. Maybe if you call again tomorrow at a different time, you can get someone else who would know the address?
  14. wow....I just re-read my post and MAN I can sure be a blow-hard....sorry about that, guys. Just had to go on and on and on and on and..........:blink:
  15. exactly. I am sorry about what you went thru but I totally understand and am equally upset with my experience as you read. There is no excuse for poor customer service especially when you are catering to upscale clientele. I've had better customer service @ Walmart buying toilet paper :blink:. With that said, Hermes really needs to get on the ball and train their SAs appropriately.

    Don't give up on your Birkin though, it will come soon and you will adore it :flowers: I haven't given up on mine but I know I won't be getting @ HNYC. Oh well that's their loss :yes: