Coromandel/Chevre fans

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  1. My SA told me that he heard that HQ recently sent out a significant batch of coromandel/chevre bags (birkins, kellies) to Hermes stores outside of France.

    Just wanted to give a heads up to you ladies who love your Goat....:yes: ;)
  2. Thanks for the heads up; I hope some make it to LA and SF when I'm there!
  3. Boo! Why never to French stores :P
  4. But I believe you get all the box bags in France. So, boo right back to ya', Perja. I wish NYC got more box.
  5. I'll trade you a something in box against a something in Chevre (rouge vif, 30, pall hardware :biggrin:)
  6. Perja, I haven't seen rouge vif chevre in a while in these parts. But we have loads of garance, and I know how you feel about that color. Actually, NYC has been getting tons of Swift, some Fjord and vache liegee, and occasionally chevre de coromandel. Knowing my store and their ordering patterns, I will see a ton of chevre over the next few months. Ugh! There will be spines everywhere. *shudder*
  7. This sounds exactly like my store...I wonder if we'll have an increase in Chevre.....I agree with what you said above HG, I wish we had all the box they have in Paris!:crybaby:
  8. Duna, from what I hear, the French prefer box. Americans and Asians seem to prefer the textured leathers, togo and clemence. The French are more relaxed about the scratches on their bags as they prefer that worn look to the new. *sigh* More proof that I should have been born French.
  9. DITTO!! In fact, there's an article in a recent french Elle, where they say that THE bag to get (even if it should take you a lifetime) is a Birkin or a Kelly and use as you would a plastic carrier bag: the more worn and battered, the better.....and there was a pic of a Box navy blue BK looking very worn, but absolutely DEVINE!!!
  10. ^^^^Duna, I posted on Shopmom's thread that I actually enjoy watching the patina form on box. Watching the scratches blend, the leather soften, seeing the shine develop. Look at that, French Elle, says the two bags to get are a Kelly or Birkin in box..........and I got both.
  11. ...This conversation is killing me! Now I'm going to sell all my non Box bags and only buy Box ones....You're BAD HG! :devil: LOL! :lol:
  12. Oh I love box.. but i don't think i can stand watching my bags gets scratched!! I would be devastated!! I love to have chevre and watch box birkins on other hardcore addicts like HG lol
  13. I love box too but prefer to have a variety of leathers to play with
  14. My French friend hates Chevre, calls it a novelty leather. I do have one my SA takled me into and I love it, but I like the spine. I like the way the leather looks as it softens and the spine becomes more prominant.

  15. Oh my. This news is bad for my cc :wtf: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: