1. Do you find that it compliments or competes with your jeans? I'm seriously conisdering this bag (First) and just wanted opinions from those who already own it. What else do you love to wear yours with?

    Thank you!
  2. I wear it with everything. A lady complimented me on the color of the bag and how great it looked with jeans.
  3. I'm looking at it, also, as if it would be multi-seasonal.
    Do you agree?

    (I also LOVE the grenat - but am thinking I'll hold off on that obsession until the Fall.) :wtf:
  4. Hey - I wear cornflower and rouge with my jeans alllll the time - I think they look super with jeans! :yahoo:
  5. Great to know.
    I think I'm going to take the plunge.
  6. I have a cornflower City that I wear with just about everything. It's a fabulous color! You are right about it being multi seasonal. It's a shade of blue that works in spring/summer and fall/winter.
  7. Cornflower is perfect with jeans !!!
  8. LOVE your GSD in your avatar... :yes:


    cornflower goes beautifully with jeans...! i had a cornflower box :love:
  9. Aw. Thank you so much. He's such a good boy and all the ladies love him. :p

    PS - A Cornflower First is being sent out to me tomorrow. I also ordered a LV Alma Multi. I should have both by Friday.

    Happy EARLY birthday to me. WoooooHoooooo!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Here she is...
  11. this pix. is first indigo
    but i think it might help you a bit to imagine when it were cornflower with jeans
  12. Wow. The Indigo is GORGEOUS! :heart: :heart: Thanks for the pix.
    You know, I was feeling like the City was just a lit-tle bit too big, and concerned that the First might be just a lit-tle bit too small. Oh well...I guess I'll find out soon enough. Thanks!
  13. I love cornflower, and it goes perfectly with jeans....just gotta find the city for me....
  14. such a beautiful color :heart:
  15. I have the cornflower twiggy and the color is very versatile