Cornflower vs. Fall blue/gray?

  1. Who wins? Am I going to kick myself for not buying a cornflower or should I hold out?
  2. I don't know what to tell you....I have the same struggle going on! I think I might just wait for blue india and if I don't like it, hold out for new spring colors.
  3. It's kind of different.. cornflower more darker blue & blue india is more green-ish blue (IMO)... I think cornflower match perfectly better with jeans...How about using poll for these so that we know who wins :smile:
  4. It looks to me like the only difference in the colors is that the India is more of a "dull" blue. Which makes it more neutral, and I guess neutral = fall.
    The cornflower isn't bright bright, but it is much more of a saturated blue and works for both spring and fall.
    The india sort of has a teal thing going on my monitor. Not "TEAL" but it reminds me of the teal in it's almost blueness...


    I neeeeeed coffeeeeee
  5. Welcome to my world of indecision. There are two colors that I regret not purchasing - the eggplant and the teal. Everytime I see these in one of the sticky threads I feel nauseous (I know sick isn't it):blink: . I don't want to feel this way but I have purchased a rouille courier, an emerald work and a rouille purse this season and even I realize its getting obscene.
  6. I guess you describe it much better than I did... I totally agree with you...
  7. To me, cornflower is a blue; Blue-grey is a grey with hints of blue. Actually it reminds me of slate. Have you ever seen sidewalks made of slate...when you look at it, sometimes it looks pale blue, sometimes it looks grey. Hope this helps...:shame:

  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: esider, nice visuals!
  9. To me, the cornflower is a true blue with no green or grey in it at all. It's a perfect denimy blue.
    I really don't hold to colours that are only appropriate for fall/ spring, I wear what I want any time of the year, so maybe I'm not the best person to give a comment!

    I wish you well,

  10. I use bags, any color, anytime of year - that's not the problem. Just trying to decide between the two is nerve racking. I'll be in NYC in August so hopefully I will be able to compare the two side by side and fall in love with just one.
  11. I decided to hold out for fall. I had the cornflower in hand...loved the color....but I'm holding out for the blueberry or blue/grey (mostly to see if the leather is better for fall)
  12. Joseph from BalNY described the color as "a light teal." From the swatches, it looks like a gorgeous color. I like the fact that it has gray undertones. I cannot wait to get my city! Counting down the days...
  13. Hmmm that's a hard one. It's difficult to say since the blue-gray is not officially out yet and it may look different in person. I have a cornflower and I really love the color. So I don't you think you could go wrong if you got it. If you change your mind you could return it or try to sell it on the marketplaza or ebay.
  14. I would LOVE it to be a slate blue! That is how it looks in swatches...but if it is a teal, I am fine with that, too. Here are the photos we have so far (borrowed from tPF members and ateliernaff, LVR, etc.):
    fw06swatches-1.jpg Blue India Bbagjpg.jpg bluegrey part time.jpg My Bags 005.jpg bluegrey.jpg
  15. i think i like the fall blue/grey. it looks like it has a lot of depth in tone. just imho, the cornflower is very denim-like in color and i feel like wearing it with jeans is a bit too matchy.