Cornflower Vs. Blueberry

  1. I have my eye on a blue bag next -- either cornflower or blueberry. Does anyone have both and, if so, could you a post of photo of them side by side?

  2. Here is my Blueberry Day and i love it.:yahoo:
    img_1589 (2).jpg
  3. I like the darkness of the Blueberry. It almost looks black at night. Cornflower is much lighter.
  4. Blueberry...nanaz LOVE your new Day!
  5. Here's a cornflower office. It's still avaliable at my NM...


  6. I love cornflower
  7. cornflower is hot. i vote cornflower.
  8. I've got a cornflower twiggy and a blueberry work bag... I totally love my twiggy - the cornflower blue is a nice shade of blue... blueberry is super yummy too!!! My fav colour is blue - so GET BOTH! hehehe
  9. I love the cornflower. For a deeper blue I prefer ink to blueberry.