Cornflower vs. Blue India


Cornflower vs. Blue India

  1. Cornflower (Sp 06)

  2. Blue India (Fall 06)

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  1. Hi all!

    I have been checking out everyone's thread and pictures of Blue India and Cornflower Bbags cuz I am a blue kinda girl, too, and want another Bbag!!! But I need help in seeing the difference more. I really like both... Is one more versatile than the other? Are there leather differences between seasons? Does anyone have pictures of those two side-by-side? I know they are from different seasons... I also posted a poll to see the vote among PFers.

    P.S. I finally decided on my Camel vs. Truffe dilemma! I will post pics once the bag arrives SOON:yahoo:
  2. I´d say Blue India, such a gorgeous, deep and rich color!!
  3. I have both and here are some pics side by side. My BI IRL is a tad darker than in the pics, I am having a hard time capturing the real color in pics. I love both colors but if I had to choose I would go with the BI.

  4. cilia-Can you tell me which one is BI?
  5. The city is the BI and the first is the Cornflower.
  6. Blue India hands down. I had gotten a cornflower blue Twiggy (very big whitish marbly veins on it) early spring '06 and returned it. Then I mistakenly got a Cornflower City sent by an SA (they thought it was BI) and though the leather and color on this one was very pretty (near a chambray blue), it was not a color for me. I finally got the BI in the Day and the ticket was snipped off immediately... it has a home here. It's a beautiful color. So it all depends on what you are after... something very blue or something more Carribean Sea blue (tealy green & grey undertones).
  7. cilla! such beauties you have there!i love them!
  8. OK, I am the oddball here :upsidedown:
    I like the Cornflower better... AND... I like the real veiney ones better also :P
  9. this is my cornflower work and I really like the's a beauty :love: :love:
    m rees 014.jpg
  10. Looking at the pics side by side. I like the Blue India better. It just seems to have more depth of color.
  11. I have a cornflower City and tonight I saw several bags in blue india at NM. I'm happy I have cornflower. It is a more wearable color.
  12. Kat-which NM did you see blue india at?
  13. I've never seen BI IRL but I've a cornflower first which really looks great with jeans and it's such a pretty colour. After conditioning her with LMB the leather feels really nice and isn't veiny or marbelled anymore but I think that the fall 06 bags have the nicer leather than the SS06.
  14. Cornflower!!!!! It's more versatile.
  15. i LOVE my cornflower blue twiggy - she was my first ever b-bag! the colour is GREAT!!! Blue India is nice as well, but I'd totally go for Cornflower! I love BLUE - its my fav colour!
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