Cornflower vs. Bleu Glacier

  1. Hellooo ladiesss..!!

    i just recently saw the bleu glacier in holts... and to me it looked almost exactly like a cornflower...!!! :confused1:
    there wasn't a cornflower one around that i could compare it with... so i was wondering if anyone would have comparison pics of the Cornflower and Bleu Glacier together?
    or at least enlighten me on the differences between the 2..?? :p

    it's just that i'd been hunting for a cornflower box for ages... and after seeing the bleu glacier, maybe i should start thinking about a bleu glacier twiggy..? :shrugs:

    TIA girls...!! :flowers:
  2. Ohhhh, who was it..... I believe someone posted a comparison pic recently. Lemme see if I can find it...
  3. :nuts: yees pleasse...!! :yes:
  4. ;) it was me who posted the comparison pix....thanks to Glimmer for the link.....

    I have both colors, and they are kinda similar so I was thinking about getting rid of the CornFlower Blue(since the Blue Glacier is new), but I decided to keep both.

    I love both of them and my Blue Glacier has lots of marbling so it tends to be on the darker side of Blue Glacier....(you know...B-Bags, even from same year, same color can be so different), but if you go with one without much marbling, it will be about a tone or two lighter than the Corn Flower blue.....(I saw someone's Blue Glacier First and it was lighter than mine and so pretty, too)

    Corn Flower Blue has stronger blue base and it's a good year round color. Blue Glacier is more like greyish blue(with sky blue base).

    Well, good luck with your blue B-Bag hunting and let us know how it went!
  5. I saw those blue bags at Van Holts too! And it did look just like conflower to me too!
  6. u have NO IDEA.... when i saw them i almost tackled 3 ppl in the way in my excitement.. thinking they were cornflower... :hysteric:
  7. Do you think the bleu glacier would be a good year round colour too..? :shrugs: i'm worried about how it might look after a bit of use when the leather becomes more matte...ALSO... i'm sort of worried because cornflower blue is such a popular and sought after colour that bleu glacier just comes off as 'trying' to look like cornflower but not quite doing it... if u get what i mean? :p
    and yeah about my hunting... lately i've come upon some cornflower box deals but so far they're all used.. and i would really like one to be brand new :sweatdrop: so right now i'm sort of exploring some other options... like the bleu glacier or french blue twiggy.
  8. I totally understand. When I saw them I was thinking how did they get these new cornflowers in when they didn't have them before and then I realized they weren't cornflower. They looked great though. You should get one! *enables* :smile:
  9. I just came back from NM where they had a CORNFLOWER Work right next to a BLUE GLACIER work. WoW they are almost the same but BG looks a little faded.
  10. I have them both and I love them both but I personally love the Blue Glacier more 'cause I think it's got more color and character. It's more of a notice me color.
  11. I think bleu glacier is so pretty. I know some people don't like the marbling, but I think it looks nice :smile:
  12. oh i love the marbling..! :heart: