Cornflower Twiggy from PFer... good BIN!

  1. wow great deal! wish i had some spare cash!
  2. Excellent deal! I hope someone snaps this up quickly!
  3. roo, that is the best watermarking! :lol:
  4. HAHAH roo, you crack me up! LOL. good luck!
  5. someone needs to buy this bag!
  6. Love your watermarking, Roo. Beautiful colour. If I hadn't got a cornflower box I would so have snapped yours up. Good luck with the auction
  7. Thank you TT.... for sharing this beautiful Twiggy :nuts: :yahoo: !

    GOOD LUCK Roo .... with your sale :flowers: - I'm sure it will find a lovely new mommy soon ;) :love: