Cornflower: Should I Return It?

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  1. I just bought a Work/Cornflower from NM in NJ - couple of concerns: 1) tassles are spongy - not splitting, spongy 2)I think it has been used - why would they still have one? I would download pictures, but it keeps failing...I'm afraid if I do return it, I will not find another "new" blue one & this shade of blue is very neutral! Any advice?
  2. Please feel free to send me your pics, and I can post them for you!
  3. I understand your concerns... On most of my a/w 2005 and s/s 06 bbags the tassels are what I call "fluffy" which I guess is the same as what you call spongy. It annoys me a bit because you can see the fluffiness in between, but if it is any consolation, these types of tassels seem to withstand the splitting.
    What would really bother me though, is if the bag had signs of use. Are you afraid yours was used because it was still available a year later? S/s 06 was a bad season for Bal, there are still bags from that season all around. I'm in Paris and last time I went to Bal there were about 10 emerald cities...
    So, my point is: do you actually SEE signs of use on your bag? If yes, then return it right away! If not, don't worry!!
    Let us know what you decide!!!
  4. Here are the pics!!!

    Attached Files:

  5. For what it's worth- I love it! I think it is gorgeous!
  6. I saw that bag a few months ago at Short Hills. If it's the same one, it looked amazing. Didn't look used. Enjoy it. You will probably have a hard time finding another "New" condition Cornflower work. Enjoy it. Maybe ask Lee or whoever your SA was to get you a new set of tassels.
  7. I hate to say this, but...I LOVE IT! I honestly cannot see anything wrong with it - looks great!
  8. Several of my bags have the "spongy" tassles as well; it does appear to be an '06 problem.

    But that aside, that looks like an absolutely beautiful bag and I would consider it a keeper!
  9. Okay - I guess I was being silly! I'm definitely going to keep it - thanks guys! You are all so nice!
  10. It's really, really pretty IMO!:love: Congrats, Sdwills!!:yes:
  11. It's gorgeous! Totally a keeper...:tup:
  12. keep it! the tassles look "crunchy" which will go away by use and this indicates that it wasnt used :smile: enjoy your rare find! a NEW cornflower!!
  13. By spongy do you mean thick? My 05 Teal tassels are like that but I love them that way. I think your bag looks perfect! I'd definitely keep her. :yes:
  14. sdwills, try taking a photo using a lower image size setting. The lesser the mega pixel, the better it will upload.
  15. It's up to you. In 06 I bought a cornflower city and returned it because I wasn't too keen on the color/leather.