cornflower or red rouge

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  1. i have had my first black forever and would like to make a change to a brighter color
    i cant make up my mind for the last month between cornflower and red
    i'm not an expert of bbag, just in love with it and have to say it is my fav.
    if anyone has both colors and dont mind sharing some pics and opinion--please go ahead, i need help
    when did they come out in those 2 and can i still get it? new and where?
    thank you all:drool:
  2. Cornflower is lovely. I find the blues are nicer to look at - but that's just me. Which colour would match your wardrobe better? Cornflower is from 2006. There is a rouge (tomato) coming out in July this year or a lovely Ocean blue which is darker than Cornflower
  3. actually more over pink, neither blue or red lol
    but i wear jeans most the time so i think blue will be good, but red is soooo hot and attractive
  4. cornflower is gorgeous!
  5. here are my mini coin in blue cornflower and red rouge 06
    IMG_2664.JPG IMG_2666.JPG
  6. Cornflower for sure. It's very wearable.
  7. i have BOTH, LOVE THEM BOTH!!! you can't go wrong with either colour! :o)
  8. I love both!:love: I have a RV Purse and have a Cornflower shoulder and a RV Money on the way- so I say get both! :yes:
  9. i guess will go with cornflower first and red next time then....
  10. I think cornflower is a more wearable color, even though red is beautiful.
  11. Cornflower is beautiful, but I heard that that color fades(turns yellowish)really quickly.

    As for Rouge, are you talking about Rouge Theatre, Rouge Vif, Rouge Vermillion, or new 07 Rouge? Personally I prefer red, and either one of the reds above would be to die for.
  12. I have both and I love them both! If you prefer cornflower, get cracking now since it's a past season color, it's getting more and more difficult to find, esp in new condition. As for red, if you're not particularly picky about the exact shade of red, then Balenciaga does one every year, so it's easier to find. My cornflower hasn't yellowed, in case you're wondering.
  13. toshies: any of those red, i mean for me,they just slightly lighter or darker. might have more things to be considered though, but i will think about it after i pick out blue or red,lol
    peppy: how long have u had ur cornflower? how often do u wear it?
    anyone has problem of the faded color....:sweatdrop:
    oh my...
  14. Of course I have to say that cornflower since I have it.

    Mine's a twiggy, BNWT, lovely...gorgeous...and the worst part? She's so NEW that she just sits in her bag.

    Sigh, I can't bring myself to let her come out yet. But here she is when she did.
    DSC00506.JPG DSC00507.JPG
  15. very very nice, 85%go with cornflower, only the problem of fading out