Cornflower or Origan Twiggy??


Origan or Cornflower Twiggy???

  1. Cornflower

  2. Origan

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  1. Which one should I get? I originally purchased the Origan from Elizabeth Thomas but she then listed a Cornflower. She is letting me pick which one. What do you all think??
  2. hmmm, what color bags do you have now?
    personally, i would get the origan bc it would go with more for me. i don't like the cornflower with denim though i know most everyone else does.
  3. I have a Black '05 hobo/Day and a Bordeaux '05 Twiggy. I also have the Blueberry Classique but I am trying to sell it (touch too small).

    For my other bags, I have one brown, 1 black Miu Miu, LV Cerises Speedy, LV Batignolles Vertical and a few Coach bags.
  4. Tough choice! Aren't you trying to find a Blueberry Twiggy or would the Cornflower replace that? I *think* I would prefer the Origan for the same reason Jennifer said.
  5. I was looking for a Blueberry Twiggy but when I saw the cornflower I thought that may be a good replacement.
  6. i prefer the blueberry twiggy... but maybe i'm just biased cos i have one. the leather is great though. if not, i'd go for the origan. the leather looks better than the cornflower leather
  7. from looking at your collection and if you are planning to purchase another blueberry then i am voting for the origan. good luck!
  8. I just hope I can find a blueberry twiggy! Do you think Cornflower would be a good alternative? I do like the color. For those of you who have origan, do you like the color?
  9. I would get the origan twiggy because I think you really have your heart set on blueberry. While cornflower is pretty, it is a very different blue. Also, I think the origan that the seller had looked nicer in the pictures.
  10. i think the origin twiggy will look better than a cornflower. cornflower looks best in the city i think.
  11. I personally love the origan in the twiggy style...the leather on it is usually TDF!!! I'd say go for the origan.
  12. i totally LOVE my cornflower twiggy!!! you should SO go for the cornflower!!!
  13. i like origan better~~absolutely adore my origan city!!!
  14. i would say origan all the way :yahoo:
  15. Origan Twiggy gets my vote! But of course, I am biased.... I have one myself :P
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