Cornflower First! Is this a PFer?

  1. yes, i believe it belong to a lovely pf'er...ttucker, i think?
  2. ^^ Yes, that's me. I'm such a horrible BBag mother... so fickle it's SAD! :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: I hope I'm a better mother to little humans one day!
  3. hahaha TTucker.... so funny! little humans! *snarfles* pretty bag! yum yum!
  4. lol, ttucker. i think things will be better with "little humans". at least they don't come in rainbow colors.
  5. hee hee...little humans.

    congrats on the fast sale!
  6. ^^ Thanks! I think Miss Cornflower's new home is really going to love her :tender: