Cornflower first is here w/pics-- but I think I want black (or ink)?

  1. This is my first Bbag, and she's lovely and perfect and so pretty.... BUT-- now that I have it in my hands, I think it would have been smarter to get a Black classique instead (and all those black bbag threads aren't helping!! :P) since it is my first and may be the only for a little while. I've also thought about Ink, since it seems to be a variant of the Black without being too "colory" (if that makes sense). This blue is gorgeous but I just think I'd get more milage from black or ink.

    Anyway, since I purchased this from a (PF recommended) Ebayer, I can't just swap it for black. Would my best move to be to Ebay it again and hope I get my $ back, and keep looking for a black first?

    Here's the cornflower first by the way, making her PF debut :girlsigh: The first is inside with a flash, the other two are outside.
  2. Such a pretty color! I love the 'First'. I think for your first Bbag a colorful First is great and you picked a dandy. However, if you do not plan to add another to your family for awhile and are looking for a more versatile or classic color, black or ink are great choices. I have a black First and love that it goes with so much (makes an outfit edgier too)and can go from day to evening.
  3. the cornflower is gorgeous! for my first bbag i got an ink city because i love the color transitions in different lights and i wanted a color but something versatile.
    my feeling is balenciaga makes these bags in such distinct, beautiful colors, that for the most part are limited and if i see a color i love i'm probably going to go for that over black every season. every other designer out there will make bags in black but these colors are unique to bbags.
    i know that many ladies on this forum are totally devoted to black and black bbags are truly wonderful and classic. but for me personally what makes bbags so awesome are the array of shades they are produced in.
    so to end this loooong post i would always go with color but it is truly what you feel most comfortable with :girlsigh:
  4. and yay my 100th post!!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  5. i totally agree & as a fellow cornflower owner, i say keep her :tender:

    p.s. congrats on your 100th post peanut!!!
  6. Goodness! That is a GORGEOUS cornflower first! It's making me want a cornflower bag all over again! uh oh....

    I'm sorry I can't help you with your black vs. cornflower dilemma! I'm going crazy about that too. I might just go ahead and order a black bag now.. though then I would have to think about whether I need a city or a first! lol
  7. i love the cornflower i would keep it .. lovely color i hope to own one one day :tender:
  8. I can understand your dilemma. When I went to buy my first balenciaga, I reserved a cornflower but then when I got to Barney's I saw the ink. I sat there staring at myself in their mirror, in one hand the cornflower in the other the ink. I eventually settled on the ink but I still love the cornflower.
  9. I personally love the cornflower but I would go for a black or ink first as well.Regardless the cornflower is a lovely color.I'd keep her and get a ink later.:yes:
  10. Tucker: I have the First in Ink.. and it's the best. I also had the Cornflower City, but returned it because the color wasn't "me."

    Go for the Encure/Ink... :graucho:
  11. Cornflower is one of my favorite colors!
  12. Yay Peanut for your 100th post!:flowers::flowers::flowers:

    Thanks everyone for chiming in on this. You are all fantastic enablers, by the way!!!!
    I'm glad to hear different feedback and perspectives. Still not sure what I'm going to do with this little lovely, but I guess I can't go wrong either way!
  13. Your cornflower is a beauty but if you're not totally thrilled with her, return her for the black or ink (My pick is Ink - such a great chameleon color!!!)
  14. See that's where I'm a little bit stuck, I can't technically return her because she was an Ebay purchase-- I guess re-listing is the way to go?
  15. I really LOVE this color. I have a cornflower City that I use all the time. It really goes with just about everything. It looks great with jeans, dark colors, and light colors. I think it is way more interesting in this color than black or ink. I say keep the cornflower First!