Cornflower City

  1. I went to this consignment shop in Long Island, NY and they have a cornflower city in like new condition for $800!! I also found a really old brown twiggy bag with brass hardwares for $400 but it has stains and the tassles on the front zipper are barely 5 inches long. The store is called Revival boutique and the owner is supernice! I do not work for them although I would love to buy out the whole store!
  2. But you left WITH the Cornflower one right?:nuts:
  3. OK, so where did I put that extra $800 ??? I'm sure it is laying around here SOMEWHERE ...
  4. boo hoo:crybaby: I just logged onto their site (which by the way was sooo cute) and I actually pushed the buy now button - and it said that this item was already picked by another person! I would love a cornflower city! Thanks for posting about the fab store!
  5. I went on their website too hoping that maybe the person had changed their mind and emptied their basket but nope said someone had picked that item!!! But no SOLD sign.:shrugs: Thanks for the post shopaholic:flowers:
  6. Do you by chance know what brown and what year the twiggy is from? :yes:
  7. Can someone tell me their website address? I would like to see their website~Thanks
  8. it's I just posted a topic on what the color of the brown twiggy is called. :smile:
  9. it is www.revivalboutique .com
  10. Thank you for sharing this site Shopaholic! I wonder if that message just means that it is reserved for someone while they have in in their shopping cart, but it will expire? Hopefully!
  11. I think it just means it's in someone's cart.

    Their number is


    I talked to a girl named Stefani about the brown twiggy and she was really nice. I ended up buying the brown twiggy even though it's was such a good price, I couldn't pass it up!

    Anyway, I believe the cornflower is actually still available, when I talked to Stefani this morning she said it was still at the boutique. So someone call! The cornflower needs a good home. :smile:
  12. Still boo hoo, :crybaby: I tried to buy the cornflower again and the message still reads that someone else has picked it, I wonder if the owner knows there are others interested - I would've bought it by now! Maybe I'll try to call her tomorrow or send her an email.
  13. That phone # is missing a number on the area code!
  14. The correct phone number is 516 299 4556 - thanks oh donna!
  15. oops haha! sorrya bout that but yep, allybooop is right the are code is 516.
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