Cornflower City LOW BIN!

  1. Take a look at the very low BIN for this city, looks pretty good to me except for the discoloration stated in the auction. Not sure what the seller is referring to? Says it's navy blue, but I'm sure it's cornflower. Missing the mirror, though.:smile: Still a very reasonable for a city bag!
  2. link?
  3. the darker pictures look navy to me; she is selling 3 city bags all at the same bin; all with the same description. They all seem to be authentic - only the black city demands more photos since the bales weren't photographed in that auction.

    She must be cleaning house, as she is also lising a bunch of Chanel bags.
  4. ooooooooooooo temptinggggggg :drool:
  5. This is cornflower. The tag has a Y (spring/summer 06).
  6. the discolorations probably refer to the red spots in the lining of the bag and the greyish-blackish marks just above the metal tag?

    tt's my guess
  7. thanks fendi for adding the link!
    vixette, if that's the discoloration, it's not too bad since it's inside, right?:yes:
  8. How much was the BIN? because someone put in a bid.
  9. I think her BINs were all $698. Sort of silly, IMO, to bid instead of BIN.
  10. :yes: ITA. This seller has a sky blue city up for grabs too... :wlae:
  11. I agree! I just lost out on her black bag because I hesitated for a split second! :crybaby: These bags are great deals at $698... wonder what this one will end up going for?
  12. Are all the bags authentic? I was looking at the three of them, and for me they look right. I am interested in one. If you were me, would you take the risk and bid?
  13. $698 was a great price!!! And cornflower is a gorgeous color.
  14. Are you sure it's cornflower? It's a 05 according to the listing.......maybe it's indigo.