Cornflower City, is it possible?

  1. I have decided to buy my first Balenciaga w/in the next 2-7 days. After looking at all the pics posted here, I fell in love with the Cornflower and Blue India City. I love Blue, and I don't have any blue or grey bags (not yet!).

    According to my research Cornflower is a Spring/Summer 06 color, so does that mean I won't be able to get a new Cornflower City from an authorized seller? Is my only option eBay !

    In which case, is there any colors I can get right now that are blue or grey?

    Note: Sorry I apologize for the stupid sounding question. Please forgive me I only know LV/Chloe well. :s
  2. The blue india just came out - so you'd probably have an easier time getting a city in that color.
  3. balny is out of cornflower cities. =(
  4. Try Susan's at Burlingame, Cali. They might still have it there.
  5. Has someone posted a photo of a blue india city?!?!? I haven't seen that one yet!!
  6. Cornflower Cities pop up from time to time on eBay...more often than other bags, I think. It is such a pretty color!
  7. It's now on eBay ! :yes:
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