Cornflower City $899 BIN auction ended

  1. This auction is already over and was overlooked by many.

    eBay: Authentic Balenciaga Motorcycle Cornflower Medium (item 170030120997 end time Sep-23-06 08:40:04 PDT)

    I asked the seller for more pics to verify authenticity and got them (see below). I wish I was in the market for Cornflower...but I'm holding out for Blue India. This is a deal if someone wants it! I would recommend you contact the seller and ask for more pics. The pics she sent me were so good and detailed - but the pics on the auction are terrible!!
  2. i was gonna give her an offer, but i wasnt really looking for cornflower.
    it was a good deal tho
  3. Ah..well it could be that it's already gone by now. She sent me these pics yesterday.
  4. I don't get it?
    The auction is over.
  5. yeah but it ended without anyone executing the BIN or submitting an offer that was it was still available after the auction ended....and may still be available if you contact the seller!
  6. ohhhh, I get it now ;)
  7. well, i was gonna give her an offer a couple of days ago before it ended. it was on my watch list for the longest time.
    but i decided i wanted black city more.....
  8. I emailed her to tell her I'd made her photos available to other people who might be interested. She responded just now and said that she plans to relist it "sometime soon" with better photos.
  9. bump...don't want anyone to miss out on this if you want to try to catch the seller before she relists...