Cornflower Blue

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  1. Is that color available anymore? Can someone please post pic if they have a bag in the cornflower blue color? Thanks.
  2. Yes it is still available- I think Aloha Rag still has it in stock. I will find you the link to the picture of this color- it is amazing!
  3. Beautiful color. You can find it at nearly all Bbag retailers.
  4. heres my twiggy!!!

    isn't she beautiful!!!???? :nuts: hehehehe!!!!

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  5. Here is my bag <-----------
  6. Good memory! ;)
  7. Yes, my cousin just bought one today.
  8. ^^^ Are you kidding- I still dream about that damn cornflower bag! And now the ice blue too! And I just love your avatar!!!!:love:
  9. BTW- love your twiggy Helenz!!!
  10. Thank you for the pics. When I called Barneys they said that color was no longer available so I hope I can find it somewhere legit.
  11. Aloha Rag is definitely legit, and still had cornflower blue as of last friday.
  12. Here's a pic of my City.
  13. NM in White Plains, NY may have some cornflower bags.