Cornflower Blue Small Nova Tote

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    Did anyone see this bag but the cornflower blue version of it in store(burberry or the department stores)? It was on the site a couple days ago with a light green one too, but i think they both sold out again. I remember they disappeared for awhile and came back on the site before that too. I called the short hills burberry store and the NYC one, but they didnt carry it. I'm trying to find it before christmas lol.
  2. A little birdie (aka my favorite SA at the Burberry store) told me it's heading towards the outlet and/or sale on the website fairly soon. Not really sure what timeframe fairly soon is but she was working in the back and they were talking about cornflower. ;)
  3. ^^Great info- the cornflower sounds really nice!
  4. wow really? Thanks a lot for that info! I really want to get it for my girlfriend, but if its not available soon, i might just get the one in the link. Do you think I have to be worried about the supernova/black one being sold out since its christmas season?