Cornflower Blue or Saffiano Navy??

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has see the the cornflower blue in Phoebe or tote and the navy in the tote? What's your thoughts??
  2. OH for me personally, i love navy! Depends on which style you want though too, Phoebe and the tote is quite different. Do post what you choose!!
  3. I saw them both last week. I went for the n/s navy saff tote.
    They really are two totally different type bags, though. I have a Phoebe (or four:P) also, so I guess it depends on what you would use it for.
    IMHO, all of the blues Coach has come out with this season are amazing. I want them to do the same thing with greens!
    Good luck deciding!
  4. It will be a hard decision as I love all blues!!!
  5. I saw them both and have pics of both. I originally preferred the navy but DH pointed out that he thought it would be difficult to see the detail outside of the light. In the picture I took, the lights in the store definitely pick up the richness. I also own a navy bag.

    DH pointed out the it was easier to see the stitching and contrast of the leather edging on the cornflower. He notices this stuff. :smile: When I reexamined both bags, what he said made a lot of sense to me. I obviously ended up with the CF tote.


    Let me dig for the CF pics
  6. Here you go! Last time I took a screen shot of my pictures on another thread, they turned out small when I reported. Hopefully they'll be ok. Let me know if you want to see something in better detail.



    And an interior with my stuff of the E/W
  7. I am dying for green bags! Especially something in a dark shade.... maybe next fall...
  8. These pictures were in that thread too. I took these in the car. The other pictures are probably more indicative of the color, these two are more close up.


  9. My saffiano navy tote was just delivered (with hobo in Silt) and I have to say I LOVE Navy tote, it's so so classy and simply beautiful. I managed to change my mind right after ordering and prepared myself to go and exchange it today but now there's NO way I'll exchange it for anything else. You can't go wrong with Navy!
  10. :smile: pretty congrats!!!
  11. I saw it today as I was running through Macy's after picking up my peach rose embossed Bleecker Cooper from the Coach Boutique. It stopped me in my tracks. I didn't have time to look long. Just checked the tag to find out the color. I was on my lunch and it's a 20 min drive to the mall.
  12. Has anyone seen the Phoebe in the cornflower??
  13. I vote for the cornflower blue Phoebe, seems like a great year round color - have not seen it in person but it was my second choice after the silt Phoebe.
  14. I'd get the cornflower blue Phoebe, beautiful color.
    but if you need a tote, the navy is a good color.
  15. I don't think you can go wrong either way, to be honest. I had it in my mind that I was going in for the navy tote. Then I saw the bronze and fell in love with that one. DH pointed out the details in the cornflower tote. I was torn between them, decided against the navy and knowing that I owned the navy Sophia, it was a little easier to tell myself, I have a navy purse.

    I also loved the silt hobo, so I ended up going with that and the cornflower tote. I may still end up with the bronze tote before it's all over.

    I don't remember seeing the cornflower Phoebe, but I did see the blue (cornflower?) in the Madison Hobo, and I really liked that one as well. I was just drawn to the silt more.