cornflower blue or 06 grey

  1. which do i choose?
  2. I vote cornflower! Love the bright colors!
  3. Cornflower blueee!!
  4. Cornflower blue!
  5. i got the 06 grey and love it..
    but the cornflower blue is also great...
  6. It looks like the cornflower blue is really great. however, should i go for it or do i wait for the new colors. Gee.. this is totally mad!
  7. Cornflower blue!
  8. I vote for the cornflower blue too.
  9. bettiney, i don't think you can go wrong with either color. after all, it IS a balenciaga bag ;) and what color is there that nobody doesn't love? :P
  10. The cornflower is so gorgeous- have you seen it IRL?
  11. cornflower
  12. CORNFLOWER all the way!!!!!
  13. agree with everyone...cornflower blue.
  14. I have the same problem when choosing my first BBag.. Is it grey or blue.. I think both of them are versatile depends on your wardrobe.. blue looks great in jeans & grey looks great in almost anyting... so, I decided to get the grey one first, then get the indigo blue later on.. good luck on your choice...
  15. cornflower