Cornflower Blue City from a lovely PFer $995 BIN

  1. Sooooo pretty!!!!
  2. That leather looks awesome!
  3. hurray for the most amazing cornflower city ever in b-bag history :yahoo:...all you cornflower lovers better get bidding!!!
  4. Good luck, winona!! And that ad ain't lyin'. That may indeed be the best Cornflower leather ever! I have a First, and I love it, but the leather doesn't look like that, nope.
  5. omg, so prrreeetttyyyy!!!! I so wish I didn't buy a sky blue city now!
  6. Eek.
    I knocked the price down a little bit.

    Thanks for all of the nice comments ;)
  7. :love: :love: :love:
    Good luck, winona! This bag looks fantastic! :nuts:
  8. Good luck winona, the leather is so great!!!
  9. So pretty.....I wonder when my financial Aid money comes in so I can blow it all on hand bags:P
  10. Ugh, a "seller" wants to buy my bag on eBay. Should I care??
    I do!
  11. You really shouldn't care because they wont be able to get "more" for it. I can't even sell my new cornflower on there.
  12. Okay. Well, now she isn't interested in it.
    Maybe she read this, thanks Allison ;)
  13. This cornflower is more than beautiful...... definitely the best one I have seen! ;)
  14. Awww, coming from you Mimi that means a lot.
    I know you are a fan of the older leather.
    I also added new photo's this morning, hopefully they capture the bag better since they were taken outside.

    Thanks for the "in the sun" tip Hatikuh !! ;)