cornflower '06 or navy '05

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Which colour twiggy ?

  1. cornflower '06

  2. navy '05

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. i really like the deep blueness of the navy but it has damage whereas the cornflower doesnt but is lighter - which one should i get?
  2. What's the damage on the navy? Is this the one the cat bit?
  3. yup it is the one the cat bit
  4. I'd still go with the navy. I love how deep the color is too.
  5. yeah i really love the colour but not the damage - do you think it could be fixed because id hate to have a scruffy bag
  6. hi! I have the navy, and it's a very nice color, with amazing leather, but whenever I see leftover cornflowers at stores I think to myself " THIS is what I should have" so I voted for cornflower, but I do love the story behind allison's kitty twiggy!
  7. danae - why do you like the cornflower better?
  8. navy '05, it's RICHER, and i had one in city, the leather is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
  9. It can be fixed. All of it can be repaired by Lovinmybags. I was going to send it in, but I never got around to it.
  10. Yeah, Allison said Barbara at LovinMyBags said she can fix it. If you are considering it, you should send her pics of it and ask her what she can do for it...
  11. Does any one know how much it would cost to get the piping near the corner fixed on the kitty twiggy?
  12. you all are welcome to use my pictures to send to Barbara. She can give quotes.
  13. did she say how much it would cost? your bag is beautiful btw
  14. Thanks Allison. I thought you might have a price since Barbara's already told you it all could be repaired. I assumed you had sent her the pcis.

    BTW - Love the kitty :smile:
  15. Barabara told me for all repairs, cleaning, and restoration it would be $190. Without the restoration it would be $125. I'm not sure if their prices have raised since it was months ago I was given that quote.