Corner wear: what's normal?

  1. I have a swift 35 Birkin which I have taken out maybe 10 times - and have been pretty mindful of it every time. Was surprised to see two scuffs on the top left corner (not the one that would rub against my coat) already.:s

    I know that swift is not as hardy a leather as togo or clemence .... but what is normal for this leather, and what, if anything, can I do to prevent worsening on the corners (short of carrying it in both arms!)? Have read the threads on swift and people seem split as to whether it is delicate or sturdy .... but seems somewhat more the former to me based on this.

    I put the tiniest dab of Meltonian on it and it looks better but the scuff is of course still there. Also wondering how much the spa can do to repair moderate corner damage with this leather (though I'm not thinking of sending it away any time soon).

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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  2. I've got a 30 turquiose...I haven't noticed any corner wear. But, it's a bag that I only have taken in the summer. And, truthfully, not that much.
  3. I hopesomeone answers this mistikat.
    The Blue Jean Kelly I havent yet received is Swift, and I am starting to freak out, that it will wear too quickly.
  4. I did buy the bag to use it, so I'm not going to store it away because of this. Have noticed a couple of light scratches on the bottom and again, put a tiny dab of Meltonian on them and they do seem to fade away. But the corner wear is a tougher issue because I think it's harder to recondition...?
  5. waiting for MrsSparkles :smile:
  6. bump. please advise
    I have my Swift BJ 2cm Kelly (still in the store) to worry about.
    I am freaking out!:upsidedown:
  7. Don't freak out......corner wear is normal for EVERY bag and some leathers wear more than others. I had corner wear on my Gold Togo Birkin, on my black Box Birkin and a little bit happening on my Swift. I'm happy to report that the corner wear on my Swift is not as bad as it was on my Togo and Togo/Clemence/Fjord/Chevre are supposed to be more hardy than Swift so........It's going to happen no matter what leather you get.

    I don't mind corner rubs and scratches because this is PART of what personalizes your bags and makes them look less like a treasured possession and more beloved and well used.
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  8. S`Mom,
    OMG you have no idea how glad I am to hear your voice (well sort of hear it :p)
    BJ in Swift is divine, but my regular SA says I will wreck it because I am just a little too hard on my bags!!!
    I really dont mind a little character, I am planning to have and use these bags to their full extent for the rest of my life (which is poss being comprimised by such obssessing :upsidedown:)
    Good, so you think your Swift Kellys are still looking sweet???
    Well thats good enough for me, I know how much obssessing you did before you got them.
    So all is good.
    BTW, say if you got a bag from H, and a couple of months later, the wear was just unacceptable, what can be done????
  9. LOL! merika!

    Swift wears well on most parts of a H bag except the corners. Sorry that this is true of Swift. How much the corners wear off depends on how often you use your bags. I used my Swift Lindy everyday from the time I got her, (she's finally in the store for refurbishment) and because I wore denim jeans alot, the roughness of denim had rubbed off (no exaggeration here, I assure you) the top layer, revealing the whitish underlayer. Not pretty, but I'm not sad. It's part and parcel of owning any handbag, really.

    When I get my Lindy back, I will take a close up picture of the area that has been treated, and post back here. I will not be surprised if my Lindy gets sent back to Paris this time around. Swift is afterall a fairly new skin.
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  10. What would constitute "unacceptable"? Unless it's a real defect, you won't be able to get your money back, if that's what you were asking. If it's normal wear and tear, you can send your bag back to your H store to have it checked, and refurbished. Not all bags come back looking spanking new.
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  11. Thanks, mrssparkles! I've decided that I bought the bag to use it and that will mean it will get worn in places.... I keep telling myself it's my stamp of ownership!

    By the way, what colour is your Lindy?
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  12. I purchased my Ebene Evergrain (I was told it was Chocolat Clemence when purchased,until the computer records were accessed) in June 2007.
    I picked it up from Hermes in July 2007.
    In November 2007,I already had some corner wear.
    I took it to Madison to have it monogrammed and Pierre touched up the corners also. They looked as good as new. The service was free.
    I am pretty casual and negligent with my bags,and my corners again show some slight wear.
    If there is a way to avoid it;I would love to know?
  13. I 'said' I would post back close up of my Lindy when she's back from her repairs. (My Lindy is a 34cm Etoupe Swift Lindy w/PHW). If you look closely, you can see the variation in colour, from the repair work.

    My opinion has not changed about Swift being perfect for the Lindy, the style and all. That said, a Swift Lindy needs to be taken care of properly; as with any smooth skin like Box, Charmonix, Barenia etc.

    I had been rough with my Lindy - it was my throw-around, kick-around H bag, and it definitely had gone through much 'abuse'. I am sure if you are not as careless me, your Swift bags would last you well.

    Attached are 2 pictures showing the top corners of my Lindy. These were the 2 spots that needed the repair. They were in constant abrasion with my denim whenever I slung my Lindy on my shoulder.

    I do not wish for my sharing of my Lindy photos put you ladies off, in getting a lovely Swift Lindy. I am doing this, purely for educational purposes, to share with you, what can potentially happen to Swift in the worst situation. And I am sure, it does not get worse than this. I was really rough with mine.
    24042008524.jpg 24042008526.jpg
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  14. Your swift lindy looks great post spa MrsS. Thanks for the education.

  15. I am with Mrs S on this, swift does not take corner wear too well, I had seen "used" swift up close and it's exactly like what Mrs S said. Personally to me, togo and clemence take beating better :flowers:
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