Corner wear on Birkins

  1. This puzzles me..:confused1: as it seems to be the first place wear begins on most of the pre-owned Birkins that I have seen for sale. How does this happen since we are so careful with our Birkins?
  2. The corners rub against your body (worst is when you wear denim jeans, which is like an abrasive pad scouring the corners off) when you hang them on the crook of your arm.
  3. I think Birkins are susceptible to corner wear given how wide the base is. I am super careful and have barely visible wear on my most heavily-used ones, but it just isn't possible to avoid it completely.
  4. never ever put your h bags on the floor!
    I always request extra chair for my bag when I go to restaurant. :smile:
  5. ^^ Birkins on floors actually don't get scruffed corners because of the feet.

    The next time you wear your birkin on the crook of your arm, check around the see where the birkin touches your body. You will see what I mean.

    I use my Lindy everyday, and where it was a shoulder bag, and guess where's the scruffed corner? The top corner than touches my hips. :yucky:
  6. Oooh..I get it now. When you move your arm with the bag on it it rubs against your thigh without you noticing. I always wondered how birkins got the corner wear! Thanks for explaining MrsS!!

    Which also explains why my throw around bag has marked wear in one corner, even though it has feet...
  7. Goodness me! What happened above!

    I meant to say "I use my Lindy everyday, and wear it as a shoulder bag .... The top corner that touches my hips." That's better.

    You're welcome, merika. :flowers:
  8. mrss, I must be staring at the computer screen too long, because I didn't even catch the mistake the first time I read it!!!
  9. Even though they have the brass feet, those corners seem to "spill" out anyway making them sucesptible to wearn.
  10. every bag i own gets corner wear. it's not just birkins it's bags in general. it's also from being put down.
  11. Me too!!! :cursing: That's why I am so worried about that when I get a Birkin! It's one thing to get corner wear on a $500-$1,000 (or, of course, more or less $$$)....and it's another to get corner wear on a $7,000 bag!

    BUT, that said, the good news is Hermes can fix, most times, the corner wear which makes me appreciate Hermes so much more!

    I look at my Tod's bag with corner wear...and who's gonna fix that?! No one! :sad:
  12. I think this is the reason I'm going to stick with the 30cms over the 35cm Birkins for the moment.

    I'm petite so the 30 cm works well with my body size and so far and it's been 3 years with my black birkin no corner wear.

    I think if I went up a size it would be a different story though and not necessarily from placing the bag on the ground but from bumping into things - walls and people mainly as the bag would stand well away from my body! I don't think one would get corner wear from it rubbing against your body- maybe colour transfer from denim though which is a bummer as I don't think the spa can help when this happens. As I have white upholstery I always make sure to wash my denims thoroughly prior to wear!
  13. The corners of my black JPG birkin in clemence are worn but it doesnt take away from the beauty because it's still black it's not discolored, that's why I love clemence. Does togo wear the same?
  14. ^^ Togo wears amazingly!
  15. I had my corners touched up in New York this past November.
    I was not charged anything for this service.