Corner wear issues for Madison gathered leathers

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  1. Hi, I was wondering do any of you have corner wear (gathered wear?) issues on the madison gathered leathers? I dont have anything else in the gathered leather and was wondering how it holds up. Ive searched through the forums but most people have issues with the gathers coming undone. So far mines have not..yet. Hopefully it'll stay that way.

    I just bought my hot pink accordion zip wallet and started to use it since December but yesterday I noticed that the corners have started to have some wear. I didnt expect this for only after a few months of use. Not only the corners but also the color on some of the gathers/pleats have been worn off. I have been using this wallet as my main wallet as I have only one wallet at the moment. I am not that rough on my wallet but it does get handled often. I try to organize the insides of purse nicely and try not to just toss my wallet in.

    Do any of you have this issue before? I dont know if its because of the color or what. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Put coach conditioner perhaps? Need your expert and help ladies!

    This is my 1st coach wallet and I thought that this was my HG wallet so far until I found out about this issue. Such a bummer. Its sooo beautiful though. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

    Here are some pics to show the wear. Hope you can see them in the pics.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393900635.952274.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393900659.576708.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393900702.821324.jpg
  2. I haven't had any problems with either of my gathered leather items, a Sophia and a wallet like yours. I have had both of mine for a few years. I've used the wallet for at least 6 months but I don't handle it a lot. I'm not constantly taking it in and out of my bag. I think color loss like that can happen on any Coach leather item anywhere it might rub against something. I don't think it has anything in particular with being gathered.
  3. You could send it in for repairs. If they cant repair they will send a gift card for the current price. There is a $20 dollar fee for it.
  4. Like all leather goods, this is par for the course. Even my higher end bags show signs of wear and tear eventually. The corners are very easy to get dinged up, so those pictures don't surprise me. Even if you try to keep your bags in pristine condition, eventually the day to day activities will wear on them, much like leather shoes. Besides, no one really notices those corners, so if it really bothers you you can always buy another one.. ;)
  5. I'm sorry to say but this happens to these types of wallets. I have had this happen to me twice with two different wallets. It's very disappointing. And I don't think Coach can "fix" it, they consider it wear and tear.

  6. Thanks. I thought that it being gathered and all it leaves more surface contact for rubbing or friction. Glad to know your gathered items dont have this problem.

  7. I live overseas. The Coach stores here are not as helpful in things like repair/exchanges and stuff.

  8. I guess you're right. No one will notice it but me. Lol. Its just that I thought I'd get a bit more wear out of it before I see them corner wears. But I like the part about buying a new!

  9. Its never been mentioned in the other threads..(if I'm not mistaken). Should i have known, I'd bought the smooth leather madison accordion zip instead. Oh well. You wear tear!
  10. I haven't had any problems. I have many gathered Sophias, Lindseys, etc. For me, they've worn quite well.
  11. I have a black gathered madison wallet that I used for about a year straight & do not baby my wallets. It did not have this problem, however, the piping/edging on the zipper pull did peel completely off.

    I also have a louis vuitton vernis zippy wallet & have been using that for about 6 months now and it does have this issue with corner wear, in fact, the corners are very worn!

    I think any leather good with the right amount of wear & being that it bounces around inside a bag with lots of other objects, can have this problem. Seems just like normal wear & tear to me.
  12. Wallets get a lot of wear and tear, more so than bags because they are in constant contact with other items and they get taken out put back in a lot. I would recommend a leather conditioner to see if it's just wear from frequent handling. If the color has come off then I would take it to the store, because that should not be happening already.
  13. I have used my raspberry gathered zippy wallet for the past year and a half. I use it every day. It still looks great overall but does have some wear to corners and a couple gathers at the end near the corners. I'm pretty pleased with it considering the amount of wear and tear from taking it in and out of my bag and possibly rubbing on the bag zipper etc. My other things are in wristlets and no liquids or pens, etc.
    I occasionally condition it. I just used Apple conditioner on it after taking the picture and it looks better. I think the gathered wallets are gorgeous and feel so good in your hand!

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  14. Thank you all for your insights~ I guess it is just regular wear and tear. I've just ordered apple conditioner and will try to condition her and see how it goes. Need to be extra careful on wallets next time as they do get handled quite a lot. Thanks ladies!! You guys are sooo helpful! :heart:
  15. I agree 150% this should not be happening already but speaking as someone who's been in this boat multiple times with more than one bag, your store will likely just say it's "normal" wear and tear.

    Funny too cause the sales girls always claim the leather is dyed all the way through. I point out to them it clearly isn't and they just give me the same run around every time and refuse to do anything.
    /rant over

    In the meantime the best I can recommend is the leather conditioner :sad: I'm sorry this happened to you especially only after a few months. Best of luck.