Corinna Mid City Bag Question

  1. Does anyone know if you can wear the mid over your shoulder? I don't mean the big strap, I mean the handle at the top of the bag. I really want one but I need to be able to get it over my shoulder relatively easily so if anyone has one and can let me know I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. We stock the mid in our store. I can wear it over my shoulder, but I still prefer to use the strap. I can measure the drop for you if you'd like. IMO, it's the best size city tote. Not too big, not too small. Plus, I love that there don't seem to be a lot of them out there. Makes them feel special.
  3. If you could measure the drop that would be great. I have been looking at it online all week and if it will work I think i will probably end up getting one! Any suggestions on color? It's hard to tell what they look like online, I don't want black and probably not dark brown, I am looking for something a little more neutral.
  4. jordan you might also want to do a search on in this section about Anna Corinna leather, some bags are glazed, distressed, pebbled, etc. That may help you narrow down color too.
  5. Sure. I'll measure it for you tomorrow morning. I did a quick search on and found lots of colors. We only have that style left in a bright blue, so definitely not the neutral bag you're looking for.

    Good idea from balihai88! I like the glazed bags best, but I think some feel the leather quality is superior on the regular leather bags.
  6. ^^

    Can you take a pic of the bright blue? Is it the midi or reg? Thanks!!
  7. The drop on the mid is about 4 inches. I walked around with it for awhile. It felt OK with my shirt on, but was uncomfortable with a coat. I'm 5'4", 110 pounds so that could be a factor.

    Yes - I'll take a picture of the blue today. We have it in regular. Our inventory system also says that we have it in mid, but I can't find it. So, I'm looking around for that one as we speak.

    Right now, we only have the mid in black. But, we'll be getting more in Riverstone, Chocolate, Copper Snake and Black Snake soon.
  8. <P>Just found the mid in blue.&nbsp; The drop on this one is closer to 5 inches and feels more comfortable than the black one.</P>
  9. Thanks for looking. I live where it's pretty cold in the winter, so maybe I should wait a few months until spring when I won't have a coat on all the time! I think I want a glazed one in the lighter brown color, but I haven't quite decided.
  10. That's a great color! Hope you get it!
  11. Anyone know if you could fit a laptop (or a small laptop) in the mid-size tote? I've been obsessing over the city tote for the past couple of hours, and really wanted the large one, thinking the mid-size would be a little small. But now it seems like everyone says the large one is 'too big'? Any ideas?
  12. I have the regular (large) size one and I love it. I don't think I would want it any smaller!!
  13. I have the regular one also. It looks big but when you put your stuff in it it's just fabulous! Not overwhelming at all. And when you fold it over and carry it by the shoulder strap, it looks like a small bag. I want it in gunmetal and black (on sale of course).