Corgi with Degenerative Mylopathy

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  1. Got the bad news today. The neurologist says he has about a year but a lot of it will depend on how he does and how we can manage him as we both work full time.

    He's 12 and seems happy right now. He is not a dog that is going to deal with physical limits well.

    I'm sad.
  2. Aww, I'm so sorry. It's hard to watch our pets age. *hugs*
  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. My first dog, a German Shepherd we raised from puppyhood, had surgery for cauda equina at the age of 12, then we found out maybe 6 months after that that she probably also had degenerative myelopathy. She lived fairly comfortably for 9 months post-surgery (we had to put her to sleep when she couldn't walk anymore). It is so hard to see their health deteriorating. :sad:
    I am glad to hear your boy is doing well now, and I wish for many more happy months with your sweet corgi! :hugs:
  4. I'm so sorry. It is so hard when they get older. I hope you have a lot of quality time left together. ((((HUGS))))
  5. Im sooo sorry.
  6. Sorry for such horrible news… enjoy every moment with him…I took leave from work to care for my Puppy before she passed away 2 weeks ago from cancer..there seemed to be never enough time with her … Take Care
  7. Thanks everyone. :sad:

    He's just as much of a pest as ever. I am very happy that no pain seems to be involved. I did come home to a couple of 'grapes' though.
  8. I'm so sorry, Bitty. *hugs*
  9. I'm so sorry :hugs:
  10. I'm so sorry.:hugs:
  11. I am so sorry bittymonkey! I read a lot about this when the neurologist thought our dog Bella may have this. PT and acupuncture may help prolong his good times. Best of luck dear...
  12. So sorry, Bitty. My dogs are getting older (11 and 13) and I fret about their health. My older boy is blind, but gets around fine (I do carry him up and down stairs but he can get up single steps).

    Seeing them in pain is terrible.
  13. So just an update...

    He's having a little more difficulty moving around easily, but he can still go on walks. I think he also has some arthritis. We took him for swim therapy, and, yeah, he doesn't like that too much...but it's good for him.

    The doggy rehab person said that he seems like he's in pretty good shape, compared to the other dogs she's seen with the condition. But then we talked about dog wheelchairs and such. I don't know how bad I'm going to let this get before the end...he's such an independent dog and I know when he has limited mobility he will be just miserable.
  14. Had to put the little man down today. Apparently he not only had DM but also degenerative disc disease. He was in a lot of pain and today he was mostly paralyzed. We sent him to the Rainbow Bridge. :crybaby::cry::sad:

  15. I'm so sorry for your loss. *hugs*