Cordovan vs Brandy. Thoughts?

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  1. I just got my Cordovan Havana and it the two panels on the front of the bag are two different colors. It looks patchwork, which isn't me, so it has to go back. The only problem is that this is their last one so I might swap it for the Brandy. Has anyone seen this is person? If you have a "real" photo of it would you mind uploading? I love the richness of the Cordovan and worry the Brandy is just going to be a dark tan. Help! :sad:
  2. If the brandy is the same brandy as the boots, you should have no worries. That is also an incredible rich smooshy leather.
  3. I assume it is - they seem pretty consistent - but I can't really tell how the two compare. I want the bag to match my brown Frye Jane Stitch boots which are a dark brown. Cordovan seems to have a red undertone, but I can't tell what kind of undertone Brandy has....and it doesn't help that my computer monitor is crappy.
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    LOL, I wonder if you received the one I returned to them for this very reason! The brandy is actually lighter and redder than the Cordovan--it's a gorgeous color. It's also a lot lighter than the stitch boots--I have the same ones! I don't know if the Brandy is as smooshy as the Cordovan, though. My Sonia jacket isn't that smooshy, but it could be different on the bag.

    Does this look like your bag?
  5. YES! That's exactly it. The panel on the left is darker than the one on the right (and the rest of the bag, for that matter). When did you order/return yours? Were you able to get another one? I think that's out of the question for me, but I am just up in the air over this brandy color....
  6. I ordered mine during the Wishful Sale and returned it about a week and a half ago. I saw one pop up during the last sale and was thinking it might be mine! No I haven't received a replacement and doubt that I will. They're still processing the return. Sorry that you got stuck with it--they really shouldn't have been reselling it!

  7. I agree. And the crazy thing is how your bag photographed -- it's much more darker in person, but it has to be the same bag. Mine is going back :sad:

    Does anyone know if Brandy is a new color? If not, does anyone have a photo of them modeling their brandy boots or any other brandy bag from HH??
  8. Yup, that would be chocolate. Brandy is redder than chocolate.
  9. Aaargh, girls, thanks for clearing that up. WHAT would I do without such expertise???
  10. Moss green Celina??? :faint:
  11. ^sounds nice, doesn't it?
  12. the brandy is a really beautiful mahogany brown leather! i have both the zelda boots and dekker jacket in this, both are wonderful and pretty much similar in color.
  13. I like the brandy better than the cordovan. A little lighter and with a little more color to it.