1. I'm debating between the cordoroy and velvet skinny pants.. which do you like better? [​IMG] or
    [​IMG] from Saks?
  2. Also any gals wear Vince? How are their sizing?
  3. I can only see the velvet pic up close, the other one isn't working. But I do like the velvet!
  4. I'd personally go with the cordoroy since I'm not a big fan of velvet on anything. For some reason it makes me think of christmas and little girl dresses. Why I have no idea. Plus I have a pair of black cordoroys I bought like 3-4 years ago that look exactly the same as they did when I first bought them. So two enthusiastic thumbs up for the cordoroys!
  5. I think velvet can be more slimming in a skinny pant. Cords have a tendency to add "weight" because of the "ripples" unless it's a SUPER thin wale cord.
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