1. Thats too bad Susan. I'm surprised they don't have any extra zipper pulls. Bummer- I need 1 for an older bag :sad: Your situation seems like a huge waste of...everything; time/materials/etc. A whole new bag for one missing zipper pull? Never mind the resources to ship the bags back & forth. At least they're not blowing you off totally though, which is a def. improvement! Have a great trip, even without the Corc :cool:
  2. Agreed, that is so weird and wasteful--of course they don't stock them, but can't they request one from the factory? Anyway, maybe you could hold off on sending it until after your trip?
  3. Are you talking about the little leather piece that hangs off all the zippers? If so, I recommend gluing them on in the future. They were known to come off. I have a KP and those suckers fall off constantly. I am going to glue mine before I take a big trip this fall.
  4. Sweetie, I prefer LP DMT for travel but if you want you could probably get the Corc ready for your trip quick. A strip of leather and a strong rivet will take 5 minutes tops.

    Does it seem silly to send an entire bag back for exchange ? A zipper pull isn't stocked but takes a minute to cut and we are talking USA, not a trip to China for the scrap !

    And NO!, a glue fix is not OK, unless you have the right leather glue and can manage it cleanly.
  5. Thanks, all, but it's not just the little leather thing. If it were, I wouldn't worry about it. It's the metal part, which on the Corc is a circle, about an inch in diameter. There is literally no way to open the zipper without it, aside from pushing the thing along with my fingernail. I knew it was a bad zipper from the day I got it, but thought my hubs had pushed it together enough with needle-noise pliers that it would hold the pull in place. Nope.

    I am hoping CS sees that this is a huge waste and very costly for them, and just figure a way to get the zipper pull sent to me - I hate thinking of the fossil fuels, not to mention time, used in this tiny issue. The bag is perfect, otherwise, and I hated to even complain bc I didn't want this to happen!

    But my DMT is going with me, as it does on nearly every other trip. I'm with you on the functionality of this options, @Stormy, but I wanted to carry my more structured Corc for the business part, and my DMT for the fun part. But now DMT will do it all... as usual. :smile: