Corazon Wedge? Making shorts sexy or just weird looking?

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  1. I'm technically on a ban, but I just got a gift card from work as a mini-bonus for some presentations I did! :yahoo: Figured I'd splurge on some CLs. (of course, right? I know!) Ok, so the GC is $500, just enough to cover the Corazon wedge. What do you think about this in Navy?


    I need a honest opinion. Do you think these would look awesome with shorts and summer skirts and jeans in the Spring/Summer? Or would they just look goofy?

    I have the Tigresse Wedges, that I dig, but admittedly they don't exactly go with everything and when you wear are wearing those, as they don't really blend in with the outfit.

    Thanks Ladies!
  2. I am not feeling this.
  3. Hard to say without seeing it with an outfit - they aren't to die for here, but they could be very cute with the right outfit. That wasn't a very helpful answer. :hrmm:
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    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
    Shark--can you go try these on, take pics, and post them? I have a feeling these will be the type of shoe where the IRL pics will blow away the stock pics.

    Another option is the Jessica. I love those. Although, they are a lil bit over $500.
  5. i'm not feeling them either sharkbait... not my style....
  6. Can't try them on...they would be a pre-order. I think I might order them, try them on when they get here, get some opinions....and go from there.

    I like how they are laid back and casual, but also have some sexiness and uniqueness about them. I just can't decide if the uniqueness is, in fact, ugliness!

    But with cute khaki shorts and white tops (what I live in during the summer), they might add a bit of style to a basic outfit. Or might look goofy as hell.
  7. i really dont like them.
  8. I am all for a wedge or espadrille but I don't get these at all.
  9. i think i need to see them modeled..maybe secret spy pics before purchasing.
  10. I'm sorry If I sound rude but This is not a shoe i would spend hundred's on I don't think it's a shoe I would buy at all.
    however at the end of the day if you can rock them and you love them then go for it! Your oppinion count's the most
  11. First, congrats on the bonus and free shoes!!! Woo Hooo!


    I think these will make it to last cut, so if you really like them wait until then to get them. I cannot see these flying off of the shelves. Personally, I do not like them and I am trying really hard to imagine them on. If you are looking for another option maybe try the Barcelona. They are in that price range, although may not be easy to find. Did you get a visa, MC, or AmEx GC? If so, there is always the bay.

    Good luck with them. You may surprise all by purchasing a sleeper item!
  12. Sent you a PM instead of posting links here.. :smile:
  13. I don't really love them and there are so many cute wedge/espadrille styles that are more strappy and open, which I think would look amazing with shorts.
  14. sharkbait - from the picture, they're not singing to me but the important thing is whether they sing to you. rdgldy linked really cute espadrilles. can't wait to see what you do get though!