Coral Tinkerbell Coin Purse - any details pls?

  1. I've seen a couple of tPFers here in the LV picking this beauty up, I can't seem to find any details on it, its sooo cute from the pic I saw someone post - any details on where its available or if its only in Coral? My SA hadn't heard of it and am just guessing its a way limited piece maybe? Thanks in advance for any input :smile:
  2. I have seen LV Tinkerbell coin purse on UK website. There are 3 colours: Anis (lime green), beige, and corail. Size: 3.9" x 3.9". The price is £185. I'm not sure if it's limited edition..or not..anyone knows????
  3. on the LV site its called trunks&bags coin purse. its a trunk stamp.
    its tdf in coral.
  4. It is limited. It comes in the light green, coral and an off-white. You can call 866 to see if they can find one for you!
  5. I think it is limited
  6. yup, limited piece and it runs $375
  7. I am sure it is limited as some stores here don't even have it. I love the coral, looks so pretty.
    Good luck - I hope you get one!:yes:
  8. Pics on eBay - very pretty
  9. $375 US and comes in yellow/green (as shown), coral, white (like the perle vernis without the sparkle) and pale yellow. And yup, it's limited. It's my understanding that not many stores got this in and very few stores will get all colors in, most will get 1 or 2.

    Here's mine:
  10. Saw the coral at LV Hawaii Ala Moana store.
  11. Here's my beige one with no flash..

    It does look similar to the green/yellow one that Rebecca has but you can tell the difference between the 2 colours IRL

  12. Am I the only one who thinks its rediculous that it's been "stone washed"? I mean, it's coated so no one will ever notice.
  13. oh this is beautiful! i saw it at the store today in Singapore.. they come in the beige, white and pale pink. But i am still considering.. i simply love it..
  14. its cute!
  15. Wow very cute!!! Thanks for the pics :smile: Oh maybe a coral one could be in my future if I'm so lucky!