Coral shade nail polish?

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm looking if anyone knows if there is a nail polish shade that looks like the Louboutin patent coral?

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  2. hm. it reminds mr of lunch at the delhi by OPI
  3. would think between OPI & Essie that color might be easy to find
  4. thanks! i was looking at hot & spicy from the hong kong OPI collection probably
  5. i have hot and spicy it is very bright and beautiful color
  6. You can try China Glaze Atelier Tulle
  7. opi, i'm his coral friend. Its a bit darker though
  8. Starfish Patrick by Rescue Beauty Lounge!
  9. I love me some corals, but I would suggest & check out all the corals people have swatched.

    Here are a few based on online swatches:
    Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral, OPI Lunch at the Delhi, Sephora by OPI Brainiac (not sure about this one, all the swatches look different, depending on lighting I guess), Chanel Orange Fizz...
  10. I have Chanel Orange Fizz and it's a bit too orange and pale.. beautiful color though!
  11. I have hot & Spicy, I think it is too orange. The closest color I have is Lippmann Daytripper, but it might be too pink.

    Lippmann Daytripper
  12. try Essie Carousel Coral
  13. thanks!!
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    Chanel LA Sunset . Edit If you google chanel orange fizz you will see google image pics of the colors and there is a pic of a hand on the first page from all laquered up comparing Chanel orange fizz, LA sunset and Essie Carousel Coral.

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