Coral Rockie - What do you all think?

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  1. So I bought two Rockies this week - one in coral from Nordstrom and the next day I purchased another in grey from Ssense. I received the Coral today but I'm not really a fan of the hardware - it seems a bit cheap compared to my other AWs - but the leather is fine. I'm really fending for an iridescent rocco but refuse to pay full price for it. I'll post the gray when I receive it tomorrow. What do you all think of the coral?

    ETA - Sorry but I'm not sure how to rotate the pics. :thinking:

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  2. I think I kinda agree with you on the hardware but maybe that's because the hardware on all your other bags is more interesting looking…if that makes any sense. Not until I saw it next to the other bags did I think so.

    Just curious what color iridescent bag did you want matte black or peroxide?
  3. Sunnysideup- I want the matte black iridescent! :graucho: I've seen the peroxide a few places but I'm concerned it may yellow but I've had my grey Darcy for at least 3 years and I haven't had any issues. I get so many compliments on the taupe Angela with the rose hardware and its in great condition also. The quality of AW bags are amazing!

    The leather on the coral feels great but I just don't like the hardware! It feels plasticky. I'm scheduled to get the grey tomorrow so I'll post pics of that also.

  4. Oh ok...well if you want that black one and if you can still find it I would buy it...I thought they'd be all gone by now.

    I got mine on sale months ago and I absolutely love it. I pretty much made me it my everyday bag all winter long.

    I'm gonna put some protectant on my peroxide one before I start carrying it. I look forward to seeing the gray one your expecting.

    I love ssense got both of mine from them no tax and super fast shipping.
  5. Oh I have that one as well! It's not my favourite Rocco bag but when I wear it out everyone always compliment and notice my bag so I'm fine with it. The orange is so beautiful though.
  6. Is the coral the color called "Cola"?
  7. i think this is a cola red.. i just purchased a cola red rockie too...i was thinking about cayenne red but then only cola red was available...
  8. Sorry you don't like the hardware on the cola.... But IMHO I do really like the shiny silver HW. I have the cayenne Fumo with the oxidized HW from a few years ago and much prefer the bright shiny silver HW. Just a preference I guess. But to me it just stands out against the leather so much brighter. Looking forward to seeing the grey from ssense. I was considering that but greys are so hard to see except in real life!
  9. Sorry Jayne01! I'm just viewing this thread. The color is cola. I returned the cola and purchased the grey but ended up returning that one also. I think I prefered the leather on the cola - the leather on the grey rockie wasn't as rich IMO.

    Here's the grey rockie paired with my grey darcy with gold hardware. I love my grey darcy - the leather is incredible and I love the hardware. In addition to the quality of the leather, I just couldn't get with the shiny silver hardware so I returned it. I found an iridescent black matte rockie and I love it!!!

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