Coral resort Pumps

  1. Hi just wanted to get an idea what you girls think about them Thanks
  2. these BYTCHES are BAD !!!! ( meaning the shoes) ( I hope I can say that here) lol
    I love love love them....If I had some place to go, they'd be mine...
    I love the gold cc's in the bag above the heel.
    My SA at Neimans was trying to get me to buy them
  3. They are TDF!!!!!!!!!! saw them today at Short Hills
  4. If they are the coral peep-toes, I so want these!! :nuts: :love:
  5. Does anyone have a photo (or link to a photo)? I don't think I know what these look like.
  6. They have a picture of them in the new Saks Catalog :smile:
  7. i saw this coral pumps at Nordstrom. they're soo pretty
  8. I just saw in the catalog and there beautiful..:wtf:
  9. it should be these I think,posted by ceci in the library:;)
  10. those pumps are HOT!
  11. i saw them at chanel sf. they're really cute.! :yes:
  12. gorgeous :tup::yes::love::nuts:
  13. Ok i guess it's a go Thanks
  14. very nicw shoes!
  15. beautiful~
    anyone know the price of it?