Coral Red Clasic Flap Arriving soon

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  1. I visited my local Chanel today and my Sa told me that the classic flap will be coming in Coral Red. she has seen the bag, and she told me that the color is a cross between red and orange. I wanted to share this information as I know there are a lot of ladies out there who are waiting for a red flap (but this is orange-red).

    I have also seen the green flap and have taken a pic of it. The yellow flap is sold out, so I couldn't take any pic. I will post pic tomorrow morning as the cable use to transfer the pic from my cell phone to the computer is in my office.
  2. :yahoo: OMG! You made my day!!!! I'm so wanting an orangey red Flap! :sweatdrop:
  3. I want a red flap, but I'm not keen on orange. I guess I'll have to wait to see it in real life.

    Can't wait to see your picture of the green Sophia.
  4. ooh thanks for the info, sophiawinter! cant wait to see pics of the green too!!!
  5. a coral red color? that sounds awesome.
  6. does anyone know what shade of yellow the flap was? i'm really wanting a pastel-ish, buttercream-y yellow...haha
  7. Oh they sound pretty.
  8. Which boutique do you go to? I was wondering if I could call and pick your SA's brain. Everytime I mention a bright red flap to my SA, she hasn't heard of any coming in.

    I wonder if it will be kind of like the red that Goldensx5 has:

  9. wow, I also want a red flap bag, it's that part of Spring collection? Mmm...I am very picky about the tone of the red though so I really want to see the color!
  10. ^^ Everytime I see golden's collection I swoon! Can't wait to see the green!
  11. Oooooh! A Coral color sounds gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see yours! :yahoo:
  12. Pupster, your pics of your furbaby are always so cute!!!
  13. someone has a fabulous little collection going on there!! love them all!
  14. Aww, thank you! :heart: