coral or balck

  1. hey, i'm new been here, and i'm going to take my first chanel flap, but can not decide which color,

    i've seen one on eBay in coral, which looks nice

    sorry ,i took the photo from fieryfashionist :s

    but my friend said take the first one in black.

    which one?:angel:
  2. coral is beautiful, but it's more of a novelty color IMO.
    I'd go for the staples first; black, white, navy, brown & red.
  3. I have black and coral. If it's your first, I say go for black first.
    Then again, you can always get black, coral is more difficult to get as it's seasonal.
    Sorry, that didn't help did it? Do you already have a lot of black bags? If you do, then go for a colour.
  4. Go for coral as u can always find a black one since it's more classic color than the colored ones.
  5. Black, you get more use out of it.
  6. The black is just so much more versatile than the coral IMO...
  7. ITA:yes: how about Black Jumbo Caviar Flap? it's a great bag:tup:
  8. I would agree with the others, black is more classic. A black Chanel will be in style for years to come and it will match just about anything. The coral will be a pretty bag, but you will probably tired of it quickly.

  9. ITA :yes:
  10. I'd opt for the coral and only because it's not going to be a color offered every season. I own one as well as a black classic so I realize your dilemna. Yes, black is a staple, basic, etc, but like another member has stated you can get a black bag any year, any time you want. Coral is just breathtakingly gorgeous AND it's actually pretty versatile, imo.
  11. I would say the coral since, as already stated, it is a special color. As long as it works with your wardrobe etc. If you are just getting it because of the color and it will sit in your closet, I would say go for the black.
  12. Good point about wardrobe and residing on the shelf in the closet!!
  13. Same opinion. If you can get coral get it, however black is normally what I recommend for a first flap since it's so versatile. Coral is just :love: though so I can't tell anyone to pass it up in good consience.
  14. The coral is TDF but go for the black. It'll more versatile
  15. it really depends on your wardrobe, coral is an absolutely lovely colour but if it's difficult to match with the existing colours in your wardrobe and you wouldn't be wearing it out frequently, then black would be a more practical choice for a first bag.

    otherwise i'd say coral! lovely seasonal colour, so rare and so gorgeous. ;)