Coral leather? Mid-january and lemming spring!


Sep 12, 2009
Hi Ladies!
I promised myself I wouldn't do it but I am scouring e(vil) bay and bonz for my future bag purchase. I am looking for something that would transition from spring into summer and have fallen in love with RM's coral color.
I'm stalking (and trying not to leave a drool trail) a full size ostrich embossed coral MAC (as well as a coral mini 4 zip). I wear a lot of denim (dark denim to boot) how much does coral have to be babied?
I only ask bc I do have a teeny weeny bit of denim on my blood red MAC and I do prefer to wear bags cross body. Any advice appreciated!

P.S. I do treat all of my bags w. moisturizer and water protectant, however I don't know that this stops transfer. Is there a product in the world that does?


Jan 23, 2012
I've been spraying with Apple Garde. My experience is this helps to get off denim transfer. I really like the conditioner & just ordered the cleaner but haven't used the cleaner yet.