coral lambskin flap available at NM for $1175

  1. So I was at NM Cherry Creek Mall yesterday and a SA showed me a small flap, I think it's the E/W but the SA calls it a lambskin pochette? and the price is 1175. I thought the E/W is 1395, no? It is with gold hardware, single strap. If anyone is interested, pm for the SA's info.
  2. Great bag and that's the old price for the e/w. I have this bag and it's a beauty (and got mine at that price as well.)
  3. as ever, why dont I live in the US lol ;)
  4. sounds cute...
  5. yes, the e/w bag is called pochette by chanel
  6. oh no, very tempting! the coral color is lovely
  7. thanks for sharing!!
  8. I just called the store and they said that the price is actually $1550 I believe. There was the wrong ticket price in there lol. So, I passed.
  9. diamond_lover - are you sure? i called yesterday and actually purchased the bag at 1175? and it will be here on thursday? now i'm confused maybe they had more than 1? and that one was the only one at 1175?? chanel is very confusing these days!!
    laksalala - thank you SOO SOO MUCH!! because of you i found my dream bag at a bargain price!! ( well i think of it this way comparing to the new price the old price is almost a steal!! ) and the SA you recommended was AMAZING she was suchhh a sweetheart!! she said you got one in red too or something?? but thank you again SOO SOO MUCH!! :heart:
  10. Hey Pure_honey,

    Yeah, i guess you were lucky that she didn't notice. She told me that the $1175 was actually a sticker price from ANOTHER bag and that it should be $1550. So, I guess I lucked out