Coral is in ... Bbagers fess up and post your coral bags!

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  1. I know at least some of you must have some CORAL by now!

    I'm trying to get a better gauge on this color because although I've seen it IRL at BalLA I'd like to see the leather quality from other some comparison shots would be groovy. I sold my Rouille first last summer I've been waiting for another red (with nicer leather) that tickled my fancy.

    Help me out ladies!
  2. Oh man, I'll be watching this thread!
  3. I would love to see some too, RH, GSH or GGH.
  4. I'm going to start by reposting Sparkles day... yummy! The leather on this looks much better than those I saw at BalLA.

  5. So far, the ones I've seen have had really good leather. It's hard to capture the color, as usual. It is definitely coral, and can look more red or more orangish depending on the light. It IS a bold, bright color. Really.

  6. Ahhhh :drool: GORGEOUS bags, ladies! keep 'em coming!!
  7. Wow! That is one yummy color! Congrats! ladies!
  8. Lol! I've been dying to post photos and can't find the damn charger for my camera- I promise to post my Coral First soon!!
  9. OMG!!Rollergirl, your Brief is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Just look at that leather!! I want to roll in it!!!:drool::drool::drool:

    KDC, I love your avatar!!
  10. Thanks Rollergirl!! Your coral is amazing and the leather is well saturated and TDF.

    Looking forward to seeing your first Malleysmama...

    and a comparison with Tomato or another red would be so helpful!

    Keep them coming!
  11. i think i've posted this already - a corner of my coral first. i need to take more pix! :P
  12. Here's the AR stock photo for the First. I'm seriously considering getting it because it is gorgeous!!! :heart: Just got a GSH Turk Parttime and a mini campagnon in Tomato so should be on a ban...::crybaby:

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  13. AR HAS STOCK PICTURES OF CORAL RED ALREADY??! :wtf::wtf::wtf: this one looks smooth and saturated! :nuts:

    can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post pics of it in daylight?
  14. Nice ahertz for starting this thread! Thanks!:tup:
    Ive been searching and searching for pictures of the Coral Red... Better if i can see one in Work. Can't decide if i'll get one.:confused1:
    Please post more pictures:smile:
  15. I was deciding whether to get this color in a MU or in the day with GSH or GGH. Any samples? Can anyone compare this color to something we already know. Any comparison to other reds? Some pics make it look orangey while others look more red. Anyone want to take a try at describing it.