Coral E/W Lambskin flap! (Modeling pics and capacity pics)

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  1. Here are pics of the coral pink lambskin E/W flap. I've gotten so many pms about I figured I should post some more information on it! :heart:


    Attached Files:

  2. It can fit:
    Chanel Goatskin key case that I use to store credit cards and cash, razr phone, Chanel lipgloss and lipstick. I use a separate coin purse that I bought from Japan. I can store another compact in there...

    The code on the box:
    06P (2006 Print'emps)
    Color: 61347RED
    USD$ 1,125
  3. Sooooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love:

    LOVE this colour!!!!
  4. gorgeous!
  5. the coral is divine, anne!

    p/s your hermes list is the stuff of my dreams too, especially the etoupe birkin in your avatar. :drool:
  6. Beautiful color. Was this a recent purchase? Thought the price went up to about $1400 for the E/W.
  7. OMG that is gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  8. Thanks anonymous, yes you are right.Actually a lambskin E/W is now $1550 USD. I got that recently at my boutique and it was listed under the old price because my boutique didn't register old Spring Summer 2006 products under the price increase... it was just LUCK! :yahoo:

  9. Oh millie! the Etoupe birkin is so TDF. I fell inlove with it even before I saw VB carry her Etoupe JPG. The color is so neutral and lovely. :drool: It'll be a while before I can cross off my list though... :crybaby:I'll manage to get the Bearn this year though. :yes:
  10. gorgeous color - both coral and etoupe!
  11. :drool: that color is SOOO beautiful!! and you got it at such a steal! congrats!
  12. I love it! I wish my boutique had some old prices like that.
  13. So beautiful Anne! I'd love to see pics of you modeling the bag when you get a chance. :heart:
  14. Very beautiful anne!
  15. absolutely stunning!!! do you find the lambskin hard to take care of?