coral colour chanel -is that a good colour

  1. Ladies,

    considering buying acoral coloured mini chanel. is coral a colour that u find easy to match in all seasons? or is it restricted to summer?
  2. i have seen the coral mini as well as other styles in coral, and i love love it! yes, wear it picks up the primary color of what you have on imo
    it looks good with brown (where it becomes like a coralish cocoa), navy, black of course, white of course, baby blue (gts a pale red undertone), denim, green

    one of the prettiest colors in a Chanel bag, i think!
    its a beautiful color
  3. but does coral go with pink and purple?
  4. Hi! Yes, the coral is infact a very nuetral color - goes well with pink & light purple tones BUT not dark purple (IMHO)...

    My local SA says that coral is a very popular color - once you find a coral, hang on to it as it is not a heavily reproduced color. :biggrin: