Coral color in classic flap HELP?

  1. Can someone post the color code for the coral color?

    And is it true that in some lighting it looks like bubblegum pink and other times it
  2. I saw someone post these pics on TPF and said both were the coral color but in different lighting

  3. [​IMG]
  4. yup. the coral looks so different with and without the lighting !
  5. Hmmm... well the coral is really beautiful (s/s 06 color), I have a medium caviar flap, but the first color looks nothing like it. I can check the color code for you tomorow. :smile: The second pic seems too orangey... but of course, taking a picture with and without flash can dramatically change the color. The first pic looks more like my hot pink classic flap but deeper haha! :smile:
  6. Ohhh do you think you can post pics of both your coral and the hot pink classic flap?

    Do you have color codes for both those bags too?

    Which year was the hot pink?

    I really want a bag resembling the color of the first pic...

  7. This kind of pink color is soo beautiful!!!
  8. i posted the color code of my lambskin coral e/w in another thread. :smile: check it out.
  9. I have coral medium flap and it does look like bubblegum
  10. The first picture doesn't look like the coral at all... the picture shows a bag that is more pink, and is likely the hot pink flap. I have both the hot pink (which the first picture must be) and coral caviar flaps. :smile: The box of my coral flap says the following:



    Here is a picture of the coral flap I posted in the Your Chanel in Action Thread that shows its true color :smile::

    My hot pink classic flap says the following:



    The color code number is the same, but the color name is different. :smile: Here are two pictures of my hot pink flap, the first is with flash, and the second is without flash:

    Hope that clears up any confusion or questions! :smile:
  11. Hoo waa! That color is gorgeous. I love E/W bags!
  12. The color is pretty!
  13. Both pictures that Calisnoopy posted are mine, and they really are one and same bag (unless I have an extra bag I do not know of! :nuts: - I wish!).

    The different lighting shows how the coral colour can appear to differ. It's definitely not hot pink as the colour on the box says: 61347 CORAIL too.
  14. What a beautiful bag!