Corail neverful or fuchsia capucines??

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  1. Help! My hubby got me a corail neverful for my birthday. I love it and think I want it. However, my sales associate has a fuchsia and a blue electric capucines on hold for me. I want them all, but can only collect 1 at a time (or dear hubby will have a heart attack). I have 2 ikat neverfuls and a taupe capucines. I'm thinking the capucines may be more limited and I should trade the neverful and get one of these first.

    Any advice?? Thanks in advance. And Happy Easter!
  2. Wow what a sweet hubby! That is such a hard decision. .. but I would go for the capucines. They seem harder to get your hands on than the corail. Happy Easter and let us know what you decide on! 😊
  3. I would trade in the NF. The Capucines look more elegant and classy.
  4. Capucine for sure.
  5. See, now that's tough because I'd keep what was purchased for me. However, owning a capucines is a great opportunity. Can't you save and get this soon? I'd have trouble parting with the neverfull as it was chosen just for you - and a good choice too might I add!
  6. Go for the Capucines! Love that leather!
  7. I think I'm leaning capucines too. Which color? I love both and hope to have both eventually. I do have a few blue purses and only 1 pink trimmed. I'm hearing more chatter on here about the fuchsia. Maybe fuchsia now and cross my fingers that blue electric is still out for our anniversary this summer?
  8. My hubby is great with stuff like this. He actually went to the wrong lv and asked for the capucines first, blue W second but they didn't have either. Not one to show up empty handed he asked for "something hard to get, popular, and new". The sales associate picked the neverful. I think my husband was actually surprised that I like it.
  9. Aww that's so sweet of him!! The epi corail nf may be nice to keep since it's different from your other bags. The capucine is gorgeous in both colors. When I read the thread title, I thought fuchsia capucine. I think it depends on what you'd use more.
  10. I'd be tempted to keep the Corail Neverfull. (Only because you already have a capuchine in a beautiful neutral taupe) however, only you know which will make your heart sing. Whatever you decide will be right for you.
  11. I agree as you have the capucine style covered and taupe is such a lovely colour:smile:
  12. I vote for Capuccines...however, have you seen the new cherry Capuccines MM with silver hardware? It is gorgeous, true red color absolutely gorgeous, I would go for Cherry as it is easier to wear.
  13. This would be my 3rd neverful though. However, the first epi one.
  14. Capucine. It look more timeless and elegent
  15. No I have not seen the cherry...very interesting. I'll have to check that out. I have nothing in red. I had heard a rumor there would be a coral capuccines. Do you have any info on that?