Copying Friend! I'm so angry!

  1. Ok I have a friend whose copying is out of control. She's bought the same living room curtains, ottomans, and drink holders as me. She bought the same clutch I did when we were out shopping together and she ran out and bought a bunch of the art books and literature that I have - claiming now that its what "we" like. Now she's in London and she just bought the necklace that I've wanted for months which is out of stock in the US. I'm so angry and upset. Then she had the gall to tell me I can order the smaller one over the phone. I recently told her that I liked a particular Hermes bracelet and she was like 'maybe I'll get it too.' She recently bought a pair of boots just like the ones I got (and they were Victorian style!) Ugh. Maybe I should say something, but what?!
  2. I think the less you say the better. Dont give her any information regrding your next purchase,or what you have in mind to purchase, keep it to yourself. Dont invite her shopping with you either. She may secretly admire you.
  3. There is nothing you can say without upsetting your friend and possibly ruining the friendship. Immitation is the best form of flattery. You're just fabulous and she wants to be too.
  4. Sounds like your friend is in search of a style. Whoops! She found it and it is yours. I agree with Pradasmeadow. The less said the better. When she does something original (and especially something that you would NOT do), I would complement it excessively to encourage more of the same!!!
  5. Perhaps when the two of you go shopping, you could help her pick out some things that will suit her body type and style. Maybe the two of you can watch "What Not To Wear" together and you can point out things that would work for her. She obviously likes your taste and doesn't know how to create a style of her own.

    In the mean time, I would keep mum about anything unique you plan to purchase.
  6. i agree with amercat. OR you could dress horribly for a while and say you like nasty things and maybe she'll copy. heh heh heh. funny.

    Or, maybe it's time to move on? For me, i'm not that loyal to my friends....i guess they are all more acquant\ances than anything, so i dont' care if i have them or not. you can always find someone else.
  7. i had a friend like that got to the point where i would pick out really ugly things that i'd never buy and say how much i liked it so that she would buy it...LOL...i'm bad.
  8. I agree and buy ugly things/tell her about this "great" item, when in reality its ugly, tell her how much you love it and wait for her to buy it! You can do this for awhile and maybe she'll look back at photos and realize how horrible it looked!
  9. lol. ive never had a friend who's like that so i cant really imagine. but i know someone who copies whatever her best friend buys/wears. i think it's hilarious sometimes to see the 2 of them. but i agree with nikki. "Immitation is the best form of flattery". lol
  10. I think you should tell her you might buy stuff you hate!! LOL

    And........ don't tell her anything about what you love, don't invite her home, and tell her to buy stuff that is ugly and you hate.
  12. maybe you should just start telling her random stuff that you like, when you really dont like it all, and cause her to buy stuff that she thinks u like and really....dont LMFAO.
  13. As much fun as it will be getting revenge & telling her you are going to buy something vile so that she gets it first & you can have a good laugh at her (that was my immediate reaction:biggrin:)

    I would say that she is clearly at a loss for a style of her own. Like many others have said on here, clearly you are superfantastic & your friend just wants to be too. You should spend a day shopping with her, but only look at things for her(probably best not to tell her this though) when something looks good, rave about it, saying phrases like 'thats soooo you!' or that dress/top/skirt really flatters your figure & the colour really brings out your skin tone!

    You need to give her a bit of a boost of confidence and some gentle instructions on how she should build her own style, without her realising what you're doing.

    A really great way to do this is also by picking something & saying 'This is perfect for you, I wish I could wear something like this, but you can really work it' by emphasising that something is fabulous for her, but useless for you, she'll start to get a little feeling of one up manship, which will give her a boost to think that you envy her (in a positive way) & will help to give her the confidence she needs to step out from your fabulous shadow & start to be her own person.

    It will be a long process, but you do need to act or the annoyance you feel towards her will just fester in you & get worse the longer this goes on & will end up ruining your friendship altogether.

    I hope that makes sense? oh and of course, don't,whatever you do, discuss future purchases you are planning on making or go shopping with her, for things for you!
  14. omg !!!!!!!!!!! i did that too!!!!!!!!hahahaha! i hate copycats, some say its a form of flattery, well maybe up to a certain point. but beyond that is just plain annoying.
  15. Same here! I had someone do the same thing to me. Except she wasn't a friend. She is my hubby's sister in law. I never understood her. She never liked me but would buy everything I had. Now she talks to me, and she asks me what perfume I wear, make up etc. I tell her, I don't mind anymore. She's nicer now. But there are some thingsI keep to myself that I really love. LOL its just the little evilness inside all of us I guess.