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go to that website and try the KFC cole slaw. i just made it again last night. it's JUST like it. I love cole slaw.


Jun 1, 2007
I absolutely LOVE California Pizza Kitchen's Garlic Cream Fettucine with Chicken.

After spending a lot of time on google, I finally found it!

By California Pizza Kitchen

1 Tbl Butter .6 oz
Minced Raw Garlic .5 oz
8 fl oz Manufacturers Cream 8 fl oz
½ tsp Kosher Salt .08 oz
1/8 tsp Ground Black Pepper .01 oz
2 tsp Chopped Italian Parsley .07 oz
1 portion Fettucine, Pre-Cooked 10 oz
¼ cup Parmesan 1 oz

GARNISH ½ tsp Chopped Italian Parsley .02 oz

1. Melt butter in a sauté pan over a medium high flame.
2. Add garlic and stir until garlic is lightly browned. The garlic should not be
dark brown or black.
3. Add cream, salt, pepper and parsley immediately.
4. When sauce begins to simmer, reduce the flame to medium and add the
pre-cooked pasta. (If the pasta is to be held this is the point at which the
preparation should be interrupted.) Cook, stirring/tossing frequently for
about 2 minutes to heat through.
5. Turn off flame and add parmesan to the hot cream sauce and pasta; stir to
6. Use a rubber spatula to transfer the pasta to a warm pasta bowl.
7. Garnish immediately before serving with the chopped Italian parsley.

I've cooked it several times and it's just as good, if not better (since I get to add more chicken hehe). So deelish, but really high in calories lol.


Feb 5, 2006
the forest dim
If you guys like TGI Friday's spinach dip, you would LOVE and ADORE Montana's Cookhouse, four Cheese Spinach Dip, its so creamy and cheesy and not runny like TGI's...and if anyone can find it for me i would love them forever since I can't get it in the states!


Call me Jill!
Nov 24, 2005
East Coast
My husband is all into these copycat recipes...he has bought two books of them. I love the Red Lobster Cheddar biscuits...very easy to make and yummy.